We’ve noticed that you can now create multiple ad groups for the new Shopping Campaigns format (may not be showing up for everyone). This is a significant and interesting addition considering the high degree of changes to campaign structuring that Shopping Campaigns introduced.

The ability to create multiple ad groups for Shopping campaigns re-introduces ad-group level data and control that wasn’t available Shopping Campaigns’ broad product group format. This benefit, in addition to the potential for ad copy testing makes the multiple ad groups feature a welcome one.

Overall, the addition is a step in the right direction towards a better overall product advertising tool, yet incomplete in a couple ways. Some shortcomings are clear:

  • The inability to filter products at the ad group level
  • The inability to set separate budgets per ad group

There are potentially some workarounds for filtering products, but the key takeaway here is that this is a feature that will most likely undergo some changes and improvements in the near future, which is good news for search advertisers.

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