new-google-shopping-feed-specificationsToday, Google announced that it will be enforcing new Google Merchant Center feed specifications starting September 30th of this year.

So what’s changing? There are a few changes of note:

  • Added ability to provide a mobile landing page (via the “mobile link” attribute). This is pretty awesome for retailers who consistently see much lower conversion rates for their mobile PLA traffic (provided you have a mobile site).
  • Added “Bundle” attributes. So if you sell items in bundles (ie. a mobile phone and a phone case or a mobile phone/contract), you can now define them as bundles in your feed.
  • …and the big one. New character limits on “a variety of attributes.” These limits are TBD, but they could potentially restrict the amount of details you can stuff into your feed’s attribute columns (color, size, etc.).

So nothing too major here. But of course, your PLA performance depends on the compliance of your feed. It will be key to pay close attention to the new character limits as they come out so that you’re not dealing with feed issues heading into Q4.

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