27% of online shoppers are already searching for Black Friday deals online (Google). What type of visibility does your online store have on Google?

Below are some tips on how to gain more visibility for your online store this holiday on Google.

2 Tips for Higher Google Rankings

Below Stephen Kerner, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy, covers 2 easy way to increase visibility on Google to push more online sales and clicks for the holiday season:



Google Inventory Optimizations

Including product brand in titles is important for search relevancy, and behavior. Where brand is included in a title affects what searches those items appear for.

For well known brands, test brands at the front of tile:

Increase Google conversions, data

For brands that are less likely to be important for a search include brand at the end of a product title:

Google, inventory, search ranking

Google Title Keywords

People search for exactly what they are looking for- in a way that they would describe it. Consider keywords searchers would use in a product search including color, size, gender, material and product type.

For example, consider the search below. Without the keyword winter, there are many jacekts which would be relevant to my search that aren’t appearing in these results. Also not the placement of the keyword winter in the different searches.

Google data levers for more sales

Not only do product appropriate keywords affect the effectiveness of search and what product appear, they also heavily impact Google relevancy and conversions.

Audit your top selling products for visibility on search:

a) Perform high value searches manually and see where your products appear.
b) View Google Analytics data using a search term report.

Generally titles push the lever for sales more on Google, but all of these optimizations can be implemented with descriptions in addition to titles.

Google Title MPN/ Style Number

Many searches aren’t going to involve product identifiers. I’m much less likely to search for “Women’s jacket 872078” than “Women’s winter jacket”. However, that product identifier is key for products in specific verticals such as electronics and appliances.

  •  Be sure to include MNP in product titles (at the end) for electronics, appliances, software and similar items where people know exact model they are looking for in search:

Google search data hacks

  • Perform a search query report to identify what people are looking for and what prods are showing up on searches.
  • Consider adding Style number, MPN, SKU and additional product identifiers to product titles. This optimization isn’t going to significantly increase conversions,b ut it’s a lever to pull to add some additional order you might not have otherwise.

Remember Google’s title format limits title length to 150 characters. Priortize what attributes are important in your titles based on product category, Google reportsyou’re your backend data.

Use the =(len) function in your data feed to see how many characters MNPs add for different products to determine which products you want to add MPN to tin the product title.

Your inventory data is your foundation for success. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward for on search.


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