Marin Software, a leading search marketing software platform, recently released their State of Google Shopping report, this time titled, “The Dramatic Rise of PLAs  and Mobile Shopping.”

Their study maintains Google Product Listing Ads are (to say the least) on the rise and are a significantly growing focus of many major retail search marketers.


Some interesting findings from their study:

  • From January to December of 2013, PLA spend increased 291%, garnering 23% of overall search budgets in December.
  • Avg. CPCs rose 141% from January to December 2013, an indication of more advertisers using PLAs and growing competition
  • Mobile PLAs actually click through better than desktop/tablet PLAs (yet mobile conversion rates remain significantly lower than desktop/tablet CRs)

Marin ends their study with 2 major predictions:

  • By this December, PLAs will account for one-third of paid search budgets
  • By this December, 40% of all PLA clicks will be mobile (smartphones)

The glorious growth of Google Shopping is undeniable, but how can retailers best take advantage of it?

CPC has your back. Check out our awesome PLA resources at your disposal:

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