For the 9th time in our company’s history we have just released the rankings on the top ten CSE’s for the previous quarter.

[Update 2/21/2012: We just released the rankings for Q4 2011. You can download them here.]

Through popular request we have done something different this time around. In addition to ranking the engines on an aggregate level, we have applied the same metrics we use to rank the CSE’s and broke them down into 4 popular categories as well:

The results give a deeper insight into what a specific merchant may expect on each CSE’s in terms of traffic driven, costs associated, and overall returns–and there certainly were more than a few surprises that we found as well.

The specific CSE breakdown studies can be found here: Top 10 CSE Rankings by category (free registration required)

Of course regardless of what category you’re in–similar to owning a dog, it’s a necessity to manage and nurture your campaigns to make sure that they don’t run wild and go out of control on you.

To make sure your CSE campaigns give you best return on ad spend then, be sure to look into hiring a dog sitter CSE management firm to do so, and contact us to see how we might be able to help.

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