Greetings merchants and fellow comparison shopping engine enthusiasts,

We at CPC Strategy would like to welcome you to our newly created blog, where we promise to keep the content fresh, and the insights deep.

As a full service comparison shopping/data feed management consulting company, we pride ourselves in being a leader in providing high level, personalized services toward our clients and their needs.

The goal of our blog then will be to attempt to reveal some (but not all :-)) of the findings that we’ve uncovered over the years as a complementary experience to our current merchants, along with those interested in learning more about one of the fastest growing spaces on the web.

Our founding team consists of several members who came from the comparison shopping engines themselves, so you can be sure that our knowledge is based on real world experiences, rather than on hearsay and conjecture.

Future entries are to include:

*the importance, and keys of having a quality site and landing pages
*dispelling certain myths behind keyword bidding
*a simple method  to make product cuts with minimal sacrifices in overall revenue

So feel free to add us to your RSS’s, bookmarks, or even tell a friend or family member about us, and we’ll make sure to keep you in on the skinny with unfiltered, uncut content, as we try to make the comparison shopping industry work for you.

We’ll see you on the engines (literally).

-Tien (tien at

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