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This week, our COO came across an interview with Google executive Sridhar Ramaswamy which brought to light some interesting questions about the future of Google Shopping and a rumors of a Google Marketplace.

Google in the eyes of Ramaswamy

Here is an interesting question and Ramaswamy’s thoughts on a Google Marketplace:

Plenty of people in the e-commerce industry are waiting for you to take the next step and just launch your own e-commerce marketplace. When might that happen?

The word “marketplace” has a connotation that is inextricably tied to the evolution to the known marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Some of which has not really been liked by the large retailers.

The way I think about Google Shopping and Google Shopping Express is in terms of how do we bring value together. So, when I have a conversation with Target, we stress the fact that this is a joint consumer relationship. The customer is co-owned by the retailer and Google.”

Google has mad a lot of strides towards a marketplace with programs like Google Shopping Express, Google Wallet, Google Shopping Campaigns and recent Google maps promotions updates. In fact Google has made so many updates recently: Hummingbird, Google local PLAs, protected search, Banner Ads on SERPs, that its hard to keep your head form spinning

I encourage you to read the full article, but for the impatient among us here are some of  the things Ramaswamy touches on:

  • The future of Google Wallet: Google Wallet isn’t doing well but Google isn’t going to give up on it.
  • Potential Google Marketplace: Google envisions a grander version of a Marketplace for Google Shoppers, which limits customer friction
  • Interchange fees and the 2 prong perception for merchants and online shoppers: Interchange has high value for merchants but will be difficult to sell for online shoppers


Would you shop on a Google Marketplace?


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