Bolt Printing & Embroidery Increases Google Shopping Revenue 417.12% is a lightning fast, custom t-shirt printing company located on the border of New York and Connecticut. They specialize in personal one-on-one support and customized printing as well as embroidery services.


Bolt Printing joined CPC Strategy in February 2017 to improve their Google Shopping efforts



Prior to working with CPC Strategy, Bolt Printing was managing all of their paid advertising efforts in-house but when their internal strategist was no longer with the company, they decided to team up with us. As a result, their Google Shopping campaigns increased 417% in revenue since February 2017.


Bolt Printing Primary Goals

  • Increase Conversions & Revenue
  • Decrease in Average CPC



The Results

Time Period: From February 2017 (when they signed) compared to September 2017


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in Average CPC


Goal 1: Increase Conversions & Revenue

One of the major catalyst for growth within Bolt Printing’s account is attributed to our keyword evaluation. Using the Search Terms Report, we discovered that customers could not find some of Bolt’s items because the terms attached to their products were too specific. After further evaluation, we discovered their top performing keyword terms and used this information to optimize their current product titles.

We also started testing price points & landing pages to figure out the best approach for converting site visitors. Unfortunately, many brands don’t take the time to A/B test their landing pages or ad creative. It either seems too daunting and advanced, or they’re just not sure where to begin or how to measure results. We worked with Bolt Printing to walk them through this process and leveraged the new available data to make impactful changes within their account.



Goal 2: Decrease Average CPC

We also added new ads to each campaign group and implemented our CAPx bid rule technology. Designed by Paid Search veterans, the CAPx Shopping Platform is a powerful, retail-centric technology suite that empowers our team to customize bidding strategy, optimize product content, and analyze product-level data at scale.

Leveraging CAPx not only improved ad performance over time, but it also opened up new sales opportunities by bringing dormant items to the forefront. In simple terms, items that were previously sitting on the shelf for months were now moving and selling in just a few weeks.


“My experience with CPC Strategy has been very positive. I have worked with a few different agencies over the years; the point of difference with CPC is they are invested in our success. Without doubt they are experts in Shopping (expect miracles); but I wouldn’t discount them in PPC as they have outperformed in that channel as well. My assigned team is smart, open to dialogue and incredibly responsive to concerns (responding on weekends within 1-2 hours). Highly recommend.”

Lana Corsano


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