Powerful Google Shopping Tools for PPC Marketing Teams

The CAPx Shopping Platform


Maximize Your Revenue Potential on Google Shopping

To compete with the best on Google Shopping, technology enabled management is now a requirement. PPC practitioners need enterprise-level software to be able to manage data for large product catalogs and optimize for profitability at the SKU-level.

Designed by Paid Search veterans, the CAPx Shopping Platform (CSP) is a powerful, retail-centric technology suite that empowers in-house PPC/SEM teams with direct access to CPC Strategy’s Shopping experts and programmatic PPC platform to customize bidding strategy, optimize product content, and analyze product-level data at scale.



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How You Achieve Growth with CAPx

Clients on the CAPx Platform enter a collaboration between their own Marketing team and CPC Strategy’s internal retail SEM experts. Your team maintains full control over channel execution within the platform while still receiving the expertise, product support, and unique best practices of the industry’s leading Google Shopping agency.


Receive ongoing consulting and support from a dedicated Sr. Shopping Strategist, who manages their own portfolio of PLA accounts, to use as a resource and sounding board for your team.

Unlock innovative, unique Google Shopping features only available to CAPx users that empower retailers to minimize wasted spend and amplify exposure for top-performing SKUs

Master Google Shopping management efficiency, allowing your team to maximize channel performance while freeing up time to allocate to other initiatives.

Analyze Profitability by SKU

Input product margin data to optimize for ROI, not just ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), and easily track product-level performance.


Set & Schedule Customized Bidding Rules

Create and schedule bidding rules to optimize for search queries, product-level CTR, price, etc.


All CAPx users receive full product feed monitoring, troubleshooting, and automated submissions to the Google Merchant Center.


Edit & Test Product Titles

Quickly identify areas to improve title relevancy and view before/after performance of title optimizations


Bid by Custom Labels

Maximize bidding efficiency to allocate budget to high performers and reduce spend on low performers with feed-based custom label bidding


Track Performance with Custom Data Visualizations

Create customized reports to view trended channel performance against standard and custom KPIs


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