Air Compressor Services Increases Google Shopping ROI +124.13%

Air Compressor Services is a leading provider of replacement air compressor parts, compressor oils, air filters, oil filters, separators, and other accessories. Their parts, accessories, & oil come from reliable air compressor manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.

Air Compressor Services teamed up with CPC Strategy in March 2017 to grow their online revenue & improve their call tracking efforts.



Air Compressor Services was already advertising on Google Shopping when they joined CPC Strategy, but they were not leveraging the channel to its full potential. We worked directly with Air Compressor Services’ team to improve their call tracking capabilities and increase their online revenue & ROI.


Air Compressor Services’ Goals

  • Troubleshoot Call Tracking Capabilities
  • Increase Revenue & ROI



The Results

Time Period: (March 14, 2016 – Nov. 5, 2016) vs (March 14, 2017 – Nov. 5, 2017)

Overall (Search + Google Shopping)


Increased Revenue


Increased ROI


Google Shopping ONLY


Increased Revenue


Increased ROI


Goal 1: Troubleshoot Call Tracking Capabilities

Although Air Compressor Services had call tracking set up – it wasn’t integrated properly into their AdWords account. Because they operate as a B2B, call tracking is of the utmost importance – largely due to the fact that Air Compressor Services receives a lot of high value orders through the phone.

If retailers don’t take a closer look at call tracking data (or are not tracking it altogether) – they could miss out on significant opportunities to improve their marketing campaigns.

Retailers use call tracking software to figure out which ads are leading to phone calls / conversions. This in-depth tracking is ideal for monitoring organic, mobile, social, and AdWords campaigns.

We worked with Air Compressor Services and their call tracking provider to ensure they were correctly importing data into their AdWords interface, for an accurate depiction of their advertising efforts.



Goal 2: Improve Brand Uplift

Because Air Compressor Services sell products B2B, a large segment of their audience searches for their products using an manufacturer part number (MPN). We implemented our ISO campaign strategy and designed a custom campaign structure for branded, non-branded, and MPN searches.

ISO™ campaigns leverage priority settings and negative keywords in conjunction to segment traffic into desired campaign buckets. This allows us to effectively target search queries and specific search criteria as opposed to giving Google full control over matching their products with queries.

As a result, we saw a 124.13% increase in ROI and a 42% decrease in spend (due to the fact we were cutting out wasted spend and only focusing on searches that impacted bottom line revenue).


“As our company grows, we recognize how important is it to work with an innovative partner like CPC Strategy. Not only are they true professionals in their industry, but they care deeply about the success of our brand as much as we do. It’s been a pleasure working with their team and we anticipate a successful partnership in the year ahead.”

Neal Shade

Marketing Manager, Air Compressor Services

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