Air & Water Increases Revenue for Top ASIN by +495%

Air & Water is a family-owned appliance retailer specializing in heaters, electric fireplaces, wine coolers, ice makers and more. Due to their prominent revenue growth and development in the ecommerce market they have been recognized as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies and Internet Retailer’s top 500 online retailers.




Working with CPC Strategy allowed Air & Water to elevate their advertising strategy by improving product visibility and increasing company growth.


Air & Water’s Primary Goals

  • Optimize Product Detail Pages & Increase Sales
  • Increase Product Visibility & Target Competitors



The Results


Revenue for Top ASIN

Period Analyzed: 8/2/2015 – 8/30/2015


Growth in Sales

Period Analyzed: 10/12/2015 – 11/12/2015

CPC Strategy addressed Air & Water’s goals by leveraging our in-house marketing expertise:



Goal 1: Optimize Product Detail Pages & Increase Sales

Air & Water is a prime example of how powerful creating Parent/Child Variations can be. Air & Water’s alpha SKU drove a significant amount of revenue from their company catalog each week. Unfortunately, two of the same product (just different color variations in red and black) were struggling due to the fact none of the product detail pages were linked together.

By creating a Parent SKU and linking all three together as child variations, Air & Water was able to raise revenue for the Red and Black product variations by 495%.


AMS Spend Distribution

Headline Search
Product Display Ads

AMS Click Distribution

Headline Search
Product Display Ads

AMS Sales Distribution

Headline Search
Product Display Ads

Goal 2: Increase Product Visibility & Target Competitors

With no prior AMS strategy in place, we worked together with Air & Water to develop marketing campaigns that would target their competitors and increase product visibility. Taking seasonality into consideration, we built out specific AMS Product Display ads for Air & Water’s best-selling space heaters to target the detail pages of their competitors & similarly priced products in their category.

The campaign focused predominantly on similarly priced products within the same price range because it didn’t make sense to target other spaces heaters way above or below the product’s price range. One month into the campaign, the portable heaters experienced a significant volume increase. Especially in the months leading up to November / December, they saw a dramatic lift in portable heater sales. Overall, sales saw a 34.33% lift thanks to the integration of AMS campaigns and parent – child optimization efforts.


“Working with CPC Strategy is like having another member of the team in the office with us. We have worked with them for over 5 years – I can and do recommend them to my business friends.”


Luke Peters

CEO, Air & Water, Inc.

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