Leveraging Data to Develop Robust Marketplace Channels
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The Challenge

Evenflo—an industry leader and manufacturer in baby safety products—wanted to scale visibility and sales through Amazon advertising. They were looking for more granularity in their reporting so they could formulate insights and develop thoughtful optimizations.

Evenflo partnered with Tinuiti in 2018 to use our MobiusX proprietary technology to develop a robust and holistic Marketplace presence.


By partnering with Tinuiti, Evenflo grew their Amazon presence and increased ROAS ~2X through utilizing MobiusX bid strategies—which informed its profitable advertising strategy.

This success prompted them to branch out on Walmart Marketplace. Growing their presence on Walmart yielded the following:


  • ROAS +231%
  • CPC -22%


Increased ROAS


Decreased CPC

Date range:  February 2020 – May 2020

How We Did It

Crawl, Walk, Run with MobiusX

First, Tinuiti used MobiusX to bulk upload all of Evenflo’s SKUs with Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN)—allowing them to understand their product catalog and health. This knowledge enabled us to determine which products to advertise on Amazon.

To ensure profitable growth, the next step was to incorporate breakeven ROAS numbers. Through MobiusX, we implemented product-level bid strategies to drive their campaigns while maximizing ad impact.

In 2020, Evenflo was ready to take its advertising efforts to the next level through maximizing incrementality. If individual products performed above their breakeven ROAS, they invested more in those winning products to increase revenue.

Evenflo successfully leveraged MobiusX to transform its Amazon Marketplace channel through a crawl, walk, run strategy. Their previous success on Amazon empowered them to examine their holistic Marketplace presence and explore other Marketplace options.

Rebuild Walmart Strategy

Evenflo’s goal for their Search and Sponsored Products Strategy was to improve exposure and ad returns for their campaigns on Walmart.com. Before the consolidation, Evenflo was using Walmart’s managed services. Tinuiti’s first priority post-consolidation was to identify areas of improvement in Evenflo’s ad strategy.

When auditing the account, Tinuiti noted quick-fix opportunities to improve overall campaign and budget efficiency. Our next step was to rebuild their ad strategy from the ground up to better suit Walmart.com’s unique algorithms and advertising policies:

  • Product-Specific Categories: Walmart.com required a different segmentation strategy than Amazon.com.On Walmart.com, increasing the number of products grouped in a campaign led to significant increases in performance.


  • Auction Prices: Walmart.com works on a different bidding model than other marketplaces. Walmart’s “first-price” auction rules meant that Evenflo frequently overbid and overpaid. Tinuiti proactively testing lower bids—which resulted in much lower ad spend and higher returns.

By having all marketplace channels managed under one team, Tinuiti was also able to detect other marketplace trends and quickly adjust the Walmart.com campaign accordingly. This resulted in significant and immediate improvements in ad performance.

Since beginning the campaign in February 2020, Evenflo’s ROAS on Walmart increased by 231%, while significantly improving their CTR for Sponsored Products on Walmart.com. Campaign cost-per-click also decreased by 22%.

Tinuiti has definitely helped to improve performance across our Walmart sponsored product strategy. By reacting to sale trends and bidding optimizations specific to Walmart they were able to maximize our return on ad spend. Having them as a trusted partner has allowed us to expertly adapt to the changing needs of the digital landscape and better support the total goals of the business.

– Holly Ramer, VP of Ecommerce and Digital | Goodbaby International

Our Thought Leadership on the Walmart Marketplace

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