Augusta Active Increases Google Shopping Revenue by +59% Through the Implementation of ISO™ Campaigns

Since 1977, Augusta Sportswear Group (ASG) has manufactured high-performance activewear for teams, coaches, and individual athletes. They offer more than 800 styles with a focus on comfort, durability and fashion. Serving wholesalers, team vendors, and individuals, Augusta operates one of their B2C subsites under the Augusta Active name.


Augusta left their previous agency to team up with CPC Strategy to improve their Google Shopping campaigns and raise awareness to their B2C site, Augusta Active.


Primary Goals

  • Increase revenue via Google Shopping
  • Build awareness of their B2C site, Augusta Active



The Results

Periods Analyzed: 3/1/2016 to 6/1/2016


Google Shopping Total Revenue


New Visitors

New visitors from CPC-sourced traffic

Goal 1: Increase Google Shopping Revenue

When we took over Augusta Active’s account in March 2016, they wanted to focus on a larger customer base by leveraging their product catalog to drive traffic and awareness to the B2C side of their business.

At the time, the company was primarily focused on text advertising but thanks to their partnership with CPC Strategy, we were able to significantly optimize the Google Shopping side of the business by reorganizing their feed and implementing our ISO™ campaigns.

ISO™ campaigns leverage priority settings and negative keywords to isolate and allocate more aggressive bids and budget to certain high value searches.

This advanced strategy gives advertisers more control over which search queries their products show up for. It also allows them to isolate and dedicate budget to search queries that historically convert well. Leveraging the Search Term data, CPC Strategy built out campaigns for branded vs. non-branded searches.

This led to an estimated 60% increase in total Google Shopping revenue.



Goal 2: Drive Traffic & Build Brand Awareness

Augusta Active also saw significant lift in their brand awareness efforts including a 47.63% increase in new users throughout the month of August (even though summer is typically a slower season for their market). This included all traffic from Google CPC (including text & Shopping).

Branded text ads also increased 30% and click assisted conversion rate increased 60.48%.

As a result of the improved branding efforts on the Shopping side – this led to an overall increase in click rates and branded conversions.


“I had been told by my previous PPC agency that they couldn’t work with my product feed and it was impossible to break out product categories in order to optimize in Google Shopping. I had my development company, my feed automation company and my PPC company telling me there was nothing they could do. I nervously handed over my feed to CPC Strategy, fearful that I would hear the same thing. Within a day they had my feed optimized and assured me they had it under control. As a result, we have been able to spend less while increasing ROAS, order volume and revenue. CPC Strategy makes me look like a rock star!”

Melissa Best

Digital Marketing Director , Augusta Sportswear

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