Blink Increases Facebook CTR by 81.44%

Blink is a completely wireless home security camera that sends motion-activated alerts & HD video to your smartphone. For people worried about their property or loved ones while away, Blink home security & video monitoring provides a watchful eye and 1-click connection to their home for an affordable price.


Blink teamed up with CPC Strategy in March 2017 to scale their advertising efforts on Facebook.



Like many e-commerce businesses today, Blink For Home saw an opportunity to make Facebook a larger part of their paid marketing strategy. Using Facebook Dynamic Ads, audience targeting, and prospecting efforts, CPC Strategy was ultimately able to improve Blink’s brand awareness and online sales.


Blink’s Primary Goals

  • Increase ROAS & Order Volume
  • Drive New Traffic To Ecommerce Site



The Results

Period Analyzed: Q3 2016 vs Q3 2017


Increase in ROAS


Decrease CPA


Increase in CTR


Increase in Orders

CPC Strategy addressed Blink’s goals by leveraging in-house Facebook optimization techniques



Goal 1: Increase ROAS & Order Volume

Before partnering with CPC Strategy, Blink managed all of their Facebook advertising efforts in-house, which expended much of their marketing bandwidth. They decided to team up with CPC Strategy, not only to scale their business on Facebook but to improve their overall awareness as an innovative home security provider to new audiences.

The first step was to implement Facebook Dynamic Ads, an incredibly effective remarketing strategy. Facebook Dynamic Ads provided Blink the opportunity to target users based on how they engaged with specific products or pages on their website. Dynamic ads not only helped reengage previous site visitors and cart abandoners but also turned Facebook into an impactful ecommerce channel for Blink. The result was an 81.44% increase in click-through-rate, 63.20% increase in ROAS, and a 13.11% increase in orders.



Goal 2: Drive New Traffic to Ecommerce Site

The second step was to scale Blink’s prospecting efforts. CPC Strategy worked in partnership with Blink’s in-house team to create prospecting-focused ads – designed to reach new audiences and expand Blink’s brand awareness.

Ultimately, working with CPC Strategy allowed Blink to redistribute their focus and tackle other omnichannel marketing endeavors within the company. Today, CPC Strategy serves as an extension of Blink’s in-house team and we communicate on a weekly basis to ensure campaigns remain profitable.


“As a new company in a very competitive market, we realized the value of Facebook as a channel to reach new customers. We needed help to take our Facebook to the next level and CPC Strategy delivered. Working with the team at CPC Strategy has been an excellent experience and their results as well as knowledge on the subject has proven to be invaluable.”

David Laubner

Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Blink for Home

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