Cambria Bicycle Outfitter (CBO) Increases ROAS by +99.08% on Google Shopping

Cambria Bicycle Outfitter, a successful road and mountain bike retailer, joined CPC in March 2015 hoping to improve their Google Shopping infrastructure. After Cambria reached a peak in their ability to manage and optimize campaigns in-house, we worked directly with their team to integrate our advanced strategies to grow and elevate their ecommerce presence.


Cambria joined CPC Strategy in March 2015 hoping to improve their Google Shopping infrastructure



Cambria was already advertising on Google Shopping when they joined CPC Strategy, but due to a lack of bandwidth they were not leveraging the channel to it’s fullest potential.


Cambria’s Primary Goals

  • Cut Ad Spend & Grow Product Visibility
  • Increase Revenue on Google Shopping



The Results

Period Analyzed: 2014 vs 2015


ROAS on Google Shopping


Revenue on Google Shopping

CPC Strategy addressed each of Cambria’s goals by leveraging our in-house Google Shopping optimization strategies and techniques



Goal 1: Cut Ad Spend & Grow Product Visibility

To improve ROI, (since margin is typically pretty slim for bicycles) and reach a 10% COS each month, we segmented bike and other products based on price buckets. Initially, Cambria had multiple ad groups built out. We decided to consolidated those groups into one campaign and build out bids on the product level.

We also integrated additional features to cut spend and promote growth including ad scheduling, geotargeting and mobile bid adjustments. Thanks to feed optimization, we identified and resolved nearly 2,000 Google Shopping disapproved products due to missing color, size, etc.



Goal 2: Increase Revenue on Google Shopping

We increased revenue 116% thanks to dynamic remarketing and the creation of advanced trademark campaigns. Specifically for dynamic remarketing, we decided to target cart abandoners, product reviewers, past buyers and general visitors. With messages tailored to Cambria’s audience, dynamic remarketing helped to build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to their site to make a purchase.

We also expanded their products to sales channels including Bing, PriceGrabber and NextTag. Over a period of 6 months, we tested various ad copy and new offers such as “Free Shipping on Orders Over $75”. This in combination with a strong email marketing program helped Cambria strengthen their customer relationships.

Ultimately, our efforts focused on Google Shopping gave Cambria the breathing room to explore and improve other aspects of their business including site design.


“CPC Strategy doubled our conversion rate and brought our cost per sale way down. I recommend CPC Strategy as a strategic partner to any retailer seeking advanced and professional Google Shopping campaign management.”

Clay Akey

CEO Cambria Bke Outfitter, Cambria Bicycle Outfitters

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