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Citizen Revamps Shopping Channel With Tinuiti
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Citizen is a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology that celebrates 100 years of craftsmanship. Citizen believes in “Better Starts Now.” They’re constantly searching for and accomplishing goals that better our lives. To further their mission, Citizen aligns with similar organizations including the Citizen Naismith Trophy, National Merit Scholarship, and Good360.

Citizen launched their Shopping Channel with Tinuiti in November 2018 and were looking to grow their channel and increase mobile investment.


Citizen’s Primary Goals

  • Add Granular Structure & Automated Bidding
  • Test Promotional Text on Showcase Ads


Increase In Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase In Conversion Rate (CVR)


Decrease in Cost Per Click (CPC)

Q4 2018 – Q4 2019 with quick fixes from Tinuiti

Goal: Add Granular Structure & Automated Bidding

Citizen decided to retest shopping in October 2018 and saw greater improvements. As a result, they decided to officially launch shopping with us in November 2018.

The original account incorporated manual bidding/enhanced CPC with three campaigns. These campaigns were brand, non-brand, and catch-all. Also, Citizen did not invest heavily in device types.

We immediately started implementing our signature ISO Shopping Strategy. First, we restructured the account based on device—mobile, desktop and tablet—for branded and non-branded keywords. Through this restructuring, we identified best-performing device types and optimized ad spend accordingly.

Next, we segmented ad groups by gender. After segmenting device types and ad groups, we switched Citizen’s shopping account to automated bidding for maximum efficiency.

Through our signature ISO Strategy and automated bidding, Citizen’s ROAS increased 106% YoY while their CPCs decreased 23%. Citizen’s CVR also increased 99% and CTR increased 5%. After successfully restructuring Citizen’s shopping account, we decided to test Showcase Ad variables.

Goal: Test Promotional Text on Showcase Ads

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we conducted a test to determine if Promotional Text impacts Showcase Ad Performance. Citizen was running a deal during peak season and this test would answer the following questions:

  • Can we use Showcase Ads to compel and capture the audience that would typically go to a department store?
  • Can we increase our traffic to the website?

Promotional Text has performed well in other verticals, so we wanted to see how it would perform for a well-known jewelry brand.

The Variables

Both Showcase Ads ran from November 28 – December 2. The variables were as follows:

Control Group: Classic Citizen Showcase Ad 

  • Headline: Citizen Designer Watches 
  • Description: Explore our latest styles for men and women. Includes complimentary watch sizing & free shipping.

Test Variable: Showcase Ad With Promotional Text 

  • Headline: 15% Off All Watches 
  • Description: Receive 15% Off Site-wide During Our Annual Holiday Sale. Explore Watches For Men & Women. Free Watch Sizing & Shipping


Comparing the two ads, the Promotional Text Showcase Ad yielded the following results:


  • 16% higher Average Order Value
  • 15% higher Click-through Rate
  • 14% higher Engagement Rate
  • 8% higher ROAS
  • 4% lower CPC

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