Crown Coast Increases Ad Clicks by +127% Across International Amazon Markets

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Crown Coast teamed up with CPC Strategy in May 2017 to improve Amazon advertising efforts- with a special focus on Sponsored Products, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and growth in international markets.



The biggest obstacle for Crown Coast was a lack of bandwidth. Their team could not dedicate the time and focus required to improve their advertising efforts on the Amazon Marketplace. Crown Coast joined CPC Strategy to gain a better understanding of the Marketplace and scale their Amazon advertising operations internationally.


Crown Coast Primary Goals

  • Optimize Brand Growth in Amazon Canada & UK
  • Increase Sales & Orders on Amazon



The Results

Time Period: Q2 2017 vs. Q3 2017


Increased Ad Sales / Canada


Increased Ad Sales / UK


Increased Ad Sales / USA


Ad Clicks / All Marketplaces


Goal 1: Successfully Expand Into Amazon’s International Markets

Although Crown Coast started their Amazon advertising efforts in the US, within the first month of engagement, CPC Strategy also fostered growth within their Seller accounts for the UK and Canada.

Amazon international expansion posed a vast opportunity for Crown Coast to expose their products to new markets and increase sales. However, with opportunity comes risks and costs that need to be calculated before rushing into foreign marketplaces. Guided by CPC Strategy’s expertise, we ensured that Crown Coast’s products were a fit in those international markets and that their current operations allowed them to successfully sell within Amazon’s strict requirements.

By optimizing their US and international Sponsored Products strategy, Crown Coast increased visibility for their product(s) which led to a direct boost in sales. Today, Crown Coast is less dependent on the development in a single channel and will continue to grow their brand across all three Amazon Marketplaces.



Goal 2: Increase Sales & Orders on Amazon

As we started to clean up their account, we identified several areas of improvement. First, we leveraged our in-depth keyword research and bid optimization strategies to improve performance and efficiency for their Sponsored Products campaigns.

We also worked closely with Crown Coast to improve their AMS account. We optimized their auto and manual campaigns and built out new campaigns (based on an ASIN level) which allowed us to get a lot more detailed with their bidding strategy. We also set up “offensive campaigns” (within Product Display Ads) and Headline Search Ads to drive growth and exposure for their products.

Today, Crown Coast and CPC Strategy communicate and review ad performance reports regularly to ensure campaigns are continuing to grow and remain profitable.


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