Designer Living Establishes 15:1 ROAS via AMG Retargeting Efforts

Founded in 2009, Designer Living is an Amazon reseller representing more than 70 different brands that sells an array of home furnishings and décor items including comforters, sheets, and furniture


Designer Living teamed up with CPC Strategy in May 2018 to expand their ad opportunity via AMG.


Designer Living teamed up with CPC Strategy in August 2015 to improve and optimize their Sponsored Products sales by +133%. The following year, the home decor retailer signed on with CPC Strategy’s Facebook advertising efforts and was able to increase their Facebook Revenue by +573.85%. In May 2018, we expanded their ad opportunity even further by launching retargeting efforts via Amazon Media Group.


Designer Living’s Goals:

  • Establish Profitable Retargeting Efforts via AMG

As a result we also saw:
  • Increase in Clicks & Sales (via Sponsored Products)
  • Increase in Brand Awareness (via Sponsored Products)



The Results

March 2018 – April 2018 (prior to AMG ad efforts) vs. May 2018 – June 2018 (during AMG ad efforts)


Profitable Retargeting Efforts via AMG



Amazon Sponsored Products Performance (Promoted ASINS only)






Amazon Sponsored Products Performance (Branded Traffic for ‘Comfort Spaces’ only)






Goal: Establish Profitable Retargeting Efforts via AMG

From home page banner placements to HTML offerings, Amazon Media Group (AMG) is a premium advertising offer available to brands who want to reach customers and drive traffic on and off Amazon, across mobile devices and apps.

To ensure Designer Living was getting the most of out Amazon’s advertising ecosystem, we worked directly with their team to implement unique AMG retargeting strategies to drive sales and increase brand engagement across sites like & IMDb.

Often referred to as Display’s “low hanging fruit” – AMG retargeting efforts provided Designer Living the opportunity to target shoppers who had previously visited one of their detail pages.

To generate a positive ROI & promote customer loyalty, we manually paired (and advertised) products that past purchasers were likely to buy. For example, if someone viewed a Designer Living pillowcase, we targeted that same shopper with an AMG ad featuring a complementary product to bring them back to the site to make a purchase.



Increase in Clicks & Sales via Sponsored Products

In addition to the 15:1 ROAS, we also saw a +119% increase in clicks and +60% increase in sales through Sponsored Product ads for the Promoted ASINs within the catalog. This is a result of increased impressions through Amazon’s Display advertising efforts which it turn led to greater brand awareness.

NOTE: Keep in mind it was imperative for Designer Living to have a strong Sponsored Product ad presence on Amazon in order to capture additional demand coming down the AMG funnel. Having a sophisticated Amazon Sponsored Products approach protected Designer Living from competitors who might want to capitalize off of the demand we generated through AAP.



Increase in Overall Brand Awareness

Additionally, our AMG efforts led to a greater brand awareness for Designer Living, which resulted in a +55% increase in sales through branded keywords like “Comfort Spaces”. This proved our theory that if we ran additional retargeting campaigns (and grew the pool of Promoted ASINs), it would have a positive effect on both AMS and SP advertising.


“Our Amazon Media Group experience has been a smooth launch thanks to working closely with CPC Strategy as we aim to redirect customers back to our products for higher conversion. We dove into the AMG and the traffic increased drastically while staying organized to better understand which source was best for our company. CPC Strategy helped us dive into the granular level to better understand where the traffic is flowing to analyze the traffic.”

Allen He

Marketing Specialist, Designer Living

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