Designer Living Increases Total Sales +133% Through the Implementation of Sponsored Products Bulk Operations

Designer Living, founded in 2009 sells an array of brand-name home furnishings and décor items including comforters, sheets, and furniture. After joining CPC Strategy, they saw exponential organic growth using Amazon Sponsored Products, which ultimately catapulted their online sales.


Designer Living teamed up with CPC Strategy to scale their business on Amazon



As an Amazon reseller representing more than 70 different brands, Designer Living teamed up with CPC Strategy in August 2015 to improve and optimize their Sponsored Products advertising efforts.


Designer Living Primary Goals

  • Improve Sponsored Products Scalability & Optimize Catalog Management
  • Increase Sales Revenue



The Results

Period Analyzed: 8/1/2015 to 1/1/2016


Increased Total Sales


Increased Sponsored Products Ad Revenue

CPC Strategy addressed each of Designer Living’s goals by leveraging our in-house Amazon optimization strategies and techniques:



Goal 1: Improve Scalability & Optimize Catalog Management

The biggest challenge facing Designer Living was that they couldn’t advertise their entire catalog in bulk and were manually optimizing more than 10,000 different SKUs. Shortly after they joined CPC Strategy, we implemented the use of Sponsored Products Bulk Operations, which allowed Designer Living to have all of their products live in campaigns while also giving them the ability to apply product-level bids throughout the entire catalog.

Because Designer Living is a reseller, it was critical that they implemented Sponsored Products advertising efforts to capitalize on Buy Box traffic.


Pro-Tip: Sponsored Product Ads will only surface when sellers are the current Buy Box winner.



Goal 2: Increase Sales Revenue

We also created Automatic Campaigns and segmented their catalog by brand name. Products were shifted into different ad groups (example: high or low bids) based on their cost of sale (COS) goal.

Any products converting below their COS goal were moved into an ad group with a higher bid and any products that weren’t converting at their COS goal were moved to a lower bid. Ultimately, we were able to optimized management for all 73 brands using Bulk Operations.

After a couple months, we discovered there were about 5 or 6 brands that drove most of the sales for Designer Living. We harvesting keywords and built out detailed manual campaigns based on keyword product data for each of those brands, which led to an increase in Sponsored Products ad revenue by 615.73%.


“ I used to manage Sponsored Ads for Designer Living but scalability was my biggest challenge due to time constraints. Thanks to CPC Strategy’s help we are able to reach our goal and go beyond. The constant and close communication and quick actions made the success.”

Linda Qian

Director of Marketing-Designer Living, Designer Living

“Overall, we are very pleased with CPC Strategy. They truly understand our business models and help us achieve our goals and objectives. Great agency partner!”

Trevor Tran

Director of Social & Email Marketing, Designer Living

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