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Leveraging SMS To Grow Revenue
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Diamond Art Club—a leader in the diamond art painting space—wanted to grow its CRM & Email program to cultivate an audience, build brand recognition and retain loyal customers. Although they had a robust email program in place, they were looking to be more strategic with their creative and messaging to hit their website revenue goals..

Diamond Art Club partnered with Tinuiti in January 2019 to drive brand recognition, customer retention and increase revenue.


By partnering with Tinuiti across all of its services, Diamond Art Club™ achieved:


Increase In Average Monthly Email Revenue


Increase In Abandoned Cart SMS Message Revenue


Increase In Average Email Revenue Per-Delivered


Increase In Abandoned Cart SMS Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Establish Regular Mailing Cadence, Optimize Messaging and Develop VIP Rewards Program

To drive customer retention, Tinuiti created a monthly promotional calendar. Since their emails consistently received positive engagement, we increased email frequency. Then, we optimized existing content within emails to establish a consistent brand voice, reinforce brand values and elevate the customer experience. For rewards members, Diamond Art Club had launched a loyalty program and established VIP pre-shops that provided loyalty members exclusive access to new releases that were likely to sell out.

By upping their mailing cadence, we drove a higher volume of sales and increased email’s total share of site revenue from 14% to 36%—all while keeping subscribers engaged.

Integrate SMS to Increase Revenue

After optimizing the brand’s email program, it was time to launch their SMS pilot. SMS was an ideal fit due to their youthful user base. This pilot layered SMS communication into existing abandoned cart email flows to maintain relevancy with their subscribers. By delivering the right message on a highly-engaged platform, Diamond Art Club would be able to increase conversions. To do this, we leveraged our SMS Marketing partner, Attentive. Then, we strategically coordinated SMS messaging into the subscriber journey—incorporating SMS for time-sensitive messages and relying on email for longer-form storytelling.


By integrating SMS, ROI skyrocketed 258%. Additionally, their CTR on abandoned cart messages increased 88% with a 74% higher revenue-per-delivered versus their average email. Ultimately, Diamond Art Club™ was able to see how their holistic CRM strategy grew their media mix and business.

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