Dream Water Increases Amazon Sales by 77.59%

Founded in 2004, Dream Water is a natural sleep aid drink and powder that can help with occasional sleep issues. Dream Water products contain a proprietary blend of sleep ingredients widely known to promote effective sleep, among many other benefits. Their products are now available in more than 30,000 locations, including local drug stores, grocery stores, in every major U.S. airport and on Amazon.


Dream Water partnered with CPC Strategy in August 2017 to scale their advertising efforts on Amazon.



Dream Water started selling on Amazon about 3 years ago and now operates on the Vendor and 3P side. According to Gary Jiang, Digital Marketing Manager at Dream Water, the biggest obstacle was a lack of bandwidth. With two product launches on the horizon, their team could not dedicate the time and focus required to improve their advertising efforts. Dream Water teamed up with CPC Strategy to gain a better understanding of the Marketplace, improve efficiency, and scale their Amazon advertising operations.


Dream Water’s Primary Goals

  • Increase Sales & Orders
  • Optimized ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content



The Results

Period Analyzed: (June 13, 2017 – Aug. 13, 2017) vs. (Aug.14, 2017 – Oct.,14 2017)*

*(60 days before Dream Water launched with CPC Strategy vs. 60 days after)



Increased Sales


Increased Orders

CPC Strategy addressed Dream Water’s goals by leveraging in-house Amazon strategies



Goal 1: Scale Amazon advertising efforts & improve efficiency

When Dream Water joined CPC Strategy they were seeking guidance on how to better invest their advertising dollars on Amazon. As we started to clean up their account, we identified several areas of improvement. To start, we leveraged our in-depth keyword research and bid optimization strategies to improve performance and efficiency.

The goal of Amazon keyword harvesting is to discover and bid on keywords or search terms used by customers to find your products. By analyzing Dream Water’s keyword data on a granular level we were able to discover terms that they never even thought about bidding on before. Instead of the “set it and forget” approach, now we were able to push Dream Water’s products forward with a detailed keyword strategy in mind.

We also worked closely with Dream Water to improve their AMS account. We optimized their auto and manual campaigns and built out new campaigns (based on an ASIN level) which allowed us to get a lot more detailed with their bidding strategy. As a result, Dream Water has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing conversions.



Goal 2: Optimize ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content

Our creative team also implemented Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on select ASINs to act as an extension of Dream Water’s brand on the Marketplace. We worked with Dream Water to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

EBC also gave Dream Water the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant details about their products.


“Our Amazon PPC experience with the CPC Strategy team has been phenomenal. They’re experts in the space and do an incredible job of executing while simultaneously educating clients. CPC Strategy is more than an agency, they’re partners in the growth of our Amazon business.”

Gary Jiang

Digital Marketing Director, Dream Water

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