Top 10 Home & Garden Amazon Seller eLuxury Supply Scales Traffic from Sponsored Products by 264%

Founded in 2009, eLuxury Supply has become one of the most trusted and successful specialty linen brands on the Amazon Marketplace. They offer thousands of products, including Egyptian cotton bed sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.


eLuxury Supply teamed up with CPC Strategy to improve the efficiency of their Amazon operation



eLuxury Supply teamed up with CPC Strategy to improve the efficiency of their large-scale Amazon operation, which has campaigns across the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Mexico. Since joining in January 2015, eLuxury was able to significantly reduce their cost of sale (COS) and increase their order volume.

eLuxury Supplies’ Primary Goals

  • Implement a Strategy Around FBA Optimization
  • Increase Sponsored Products Efficiency
  • Optimize Product Content & Inventory Selection



The Results

Period Analyzed: 10/1/14 – 1/31/15 vs. 6/1/15 – 8/31/15
3 Months Prior Joining vs. Last 3 Months


Sessions from Sponsored Products


Avg. Cost per Click (CPC) on Sponsored Products

Through extensive profitability analyses, wide-scale testing with Sponsored Products, and consistent monitoring of organic search rankings, CPC Strategy was able to execute on each of eLuxury’s primary goals for the engagement.


Goal 1: Implement a Strategy Around FBA Optimization

CPC Strategy provided eLuxury with the FBA education needed to identify a product that was costing them a significant amount in FBA fees. As a result, eLuxury implemented improvements to their process, providing them with immediate savings and long term value to their FBA Strategy overall.


Goal 2: Increase Sponsored Products Efficiency

eLuxury’s existing campaign structure lacked safeguards to monitor ASIN and Brand Level spend. It also lacked insight into the actual profitability of the campaigns. Using a combination of both automatic and manual campaigns with proprietary bid optimization process, eLuxury’s dedicated Marketplace Channel Analyst was able to increase the overall volume and efficiency of their campaigns.  In addition, CPC Strategy was able to provide the profitability insights which allowed for eLuxury Supply to take full advantage of all available advertising opportunities.


Goal 3: Optimize Product Content & Inventory Selection

Leveraging past Amazon selling experience with product content optimization, CPC Strategy implemented an ongoing process for auditing eLuxury’s product content, including product titles, search terms / keywords, and features. Through AB testing and Amazon keyword research, eLuxury was able to closely monitor the effects of content optimizations on their organic search rankings.


“CPC Strategy is the most well-rounded Amazon support and consultation group I’ve come across. Each data-driven decision is thought through extensively, tracked closely, and reported on accurately. Their proactively and professionalism is unmatched anywhere. I truly believe they have the best interest of our business at heart.”

Kyle Schmidt

E-Commerce Manager, eLuxury Supply

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