Ergodriven Increases Amazon Ad Revenue by +57%

Ergodriven sells ergo-friendly products and anti-fatigue mats including the Topo and Topo Mini, designed specifically for standing desk users.


Ergodriven joined CPC Strategy in June 2017 to improve their Amazon advertising efforts.



Prior to working with CPC Strategy, Ergodriven was managing all of their Amazon advertising efforts in-house but due to an increase in Marketplace competition, they decided to team up with us. As a result, we helped them build AMS campaigns to defend their products against competitors, increase ad revenue, and reduce their average ACoS.


Ergodriven’s Primary Goals

  • Defend Against Competing Brands
  • Increase Revenue & Lower ACoS



The Results

Time Period: June 2017 (when Ergodriven signed) vs. October 2017


Increased Ad Revenue


Reduced ACoS (from 17% to 7.2%)


Goal 1: Defend Against Competing Brands

Competition in the Amazon Marketplace is inevitable for most brands. Ergodriven knew in order to compete within the vertical, they would need more than a high quality product and good reviews.

Due to heavy competitor targeting, they decided to team up with CPC Strategy to optimize their Amazon advertising efforts. Although Ergodriven was already running Sponsored Products campaigns, we identified an opportunity to established campaigns within Amazon Marketing Services.

We worked with Ergodriven to create “defensive campaigns” within their Product Display Ads. Those defensive campaigns (typically found on the right side of a brand’s detail page or on a competitor’s detail page) helped to keep competitors off Ergodriven’s product detail pages.



Goal 2: Increase Revenue & Lower ACoS

Not only did we help Ergodriven defend their brand and products, we also set up “offensive campaigns” (within Product Display Ads) to drive growth by targeting competitors and complementary products. Additionally we optimized their Sponsored Product Ads, and used data from their automatic campaigns to build out manual campaigns.

Manual campaigns allow brands to fine tune their product targeting based on the relevancy of the keyword(s) and set bids on individual keywords that target relevant searches. As a result, their products became discoverable and buyable to customers searching for ergo-friendly products.

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms for Ergodriven, the Ergodriven team has been freed up to invest in other marketing endeavors, such as new product development.

Today, Ergodriven and CPC communicate and review ad performance reports on a weekly basis to ensure campaigns are continuing to grow and remain profitable.


“I always thought I had a pretty good handle on advertising, especially on Amazon. It turns out there was TREMENDOUS untapped upside. I’m impressed with how much CPC Strategy improved our business and increased our sales, and I’m blown away by how fast they were able to understand our products and verticals to do it. My only regret is not realizing how much they would help us, and teaming up with them sooner!”

Kit Perkins

CEO, Ergodriven

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