Food Delivery Company Sees 222% Revenue Increase on Facebook and Instagram

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With an influx of competition in the grocery/food delivery industry, this food delivery company had to become more strategic with their advertising. They needed a new agency with experience taking a granular approach to social advertising across creative, targeting, and bidding. This is where Elite SEM came into play.

The goal for Elite’s Paid Social team was to drive down the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) while maximizing Click Through Rate (CTR), revenue generation, and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).


Once Elite took over the client’s Facebook/Instagram account, a thorough audit was performed which led to a complete account restructure.

-74% Cost Per Acquisition /// +454% Click-through Rate /// +222% Revenue /// 363% Avg Return on Ad Spend

Elite implemented a full-funnel approach across Facebook and Instagram with new audience targeting, creative testing, and bidding for each stage of the purchasing journey. This approach was designed to improve efficiencies for the client.

Elite worked closely with the client to determine their ideal audience and set up targeting accordingly (e.g., age, gender, purchasing habits, and zip codes). After a series of tests, manual bidding proved more successful than Facebook’s automated bidding algorithm, as it allowed for more control over audience targeting. Testing also revealed which creative was optimal in driving conversions.

Once a potential customer engaged with an ad on Facebook or Instagram (via clicking an image, clicking through to the website, liking the ad, etc.), a remarketing campaign was implemented across both social platforms. This campaign was aimed at presenting new creative, providing additional information on the value of their products, and leading prospects further down the purchase funnel.

The team created a list of characteristics and behaviors to identify those most likely to convert, which they classified as “high-intent” prospects. Once the prospect was considered “high-intent,” an exclusive offer was presented to encourage conversion.


Elite’s new, full-funnel approach to Facebook and Instagram advertising successfully guided prospects down the purchasing funnel. From prospecting to re-engaging, and ultimately providing high-intent prospects with an offer, the food delivery company saw CPAs decrease by 74%, while CTRs increased by a staggering 454%, revenue increased 222%, and ROAS increased 363%.

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January 30, 2018

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