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Revel Systems combines cloud and mobile technology in its award-winning, iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants, retailers, and enterprises. The Revel iPad POS System also offers integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, and more.


Revel Systems approached Elite SEM for help with online customer acquisition efforts, with the goal of increasing lead volume while maintaining efficient cost metrics in Paid Social.

Results (performance chart)


With the roll-out of Facebook Lead Ads to all advertisers, Elite SEM began testing a two-part strategy. One side focused on traditional Facebook ads driving leads to a landing page, and the other side focused on Facebook Lead Ads which capture leads directly within Facebook. From a tactical level, Elite targeted a wide range of audiences across both ad types, including small business owners interested in POS Systems, fans of Revel System’s Facebook page, website visitors, and a series of lookalike audiences including profiles modeled after existing site visitors, former and current customers. Elite quickly determined that lead ads produced superior results in terms of volume and cost efficiency.

Ad creative and copy were also tested. Results showed that ads featuring photos of the POS device in use were more effective than those without, and copy that encouraged users to ‘get a free demo’ drove a higher conversion rate. Lead forms were kept short and simple to encourage conversions, and integrated with Marketo to deliver all inbound leads directly to the sales team.


As a result of these efforts, Revel Systems saw 619x more leads, 74% lower cost per lead, and a 17.7x increase in lead rate. This ongoing campaign has been a great success, prompting a 6.6x increase in campaign budget to reach even more potential customers. As the campaign scales, Elite SEM continues to test creative and copy, and expand audiences to drive efficient results while improving lead quality.

“The Elite SEM Paid Social team’s thought leadership and attentive guidance took our Facebook ad campaigns to the next level. They’ve helped our bottom line, to say the least.”
Eddie Morales, Director of Demand Generation

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November 24, 2016

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