Granular Search Marketing Lifts Shopper Base 10x for Online Luxury Bedding Retailer

online luxury bedding retailer

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A fast-growing online retailer tapped Elite SEM to increase search traffic. They were seeing success from their Paid Search campaigns at a very small level, and wanted to scale that success to ultimately increase their online revenue.


Elite restructured the retailer’s existing search campaigns, from a small set of campaigns with broad search terms to thousands of highly specific keywords broken out by match types. Elite studied the retailer’s search term report and applied user insight to create the new granular campaigns.

700% Revenue IncreaseHundreds of keywords were added for every product sold on the site. The team investigated every possible combination of keywords—including likely misspellings and typos. They made each combination its own granular ad group, and set automatic bidding by keyword to support branded, non-branded, and competitor campaigns. By utilizing automated bidding, Elite was able to focus more time and resources on strategy. This enabled the client to scale quickly while becoming more efficient.


Elite was able to rapidly scale the retailer’s Paid Search efforts in a sustainable manner, while effectively attracting millions of shoppers and boosting revenue by over 700%. Paid Search has become one of their most efficient channels, exceeding their return on ad spend (ROAS) goals on a monthly basis.

This level of return has remained constant as the client increased their Paid Search budget 150% MoM.

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October 10, 2017

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