Great Art Now scales Amazon order volume by +274% through strategic FBA and Sponsored Products optimization

Great Art Now is a successful Amazon distributor of artwork prints. They joined CPC Strategy in June 2014 with just shy of 30,000 SKUs listed on Amazon. By the end of Q1 2015, the company offered nearly 1 million SKUs on the Marketplace and significantly increased their revenue through a SKU-level FBA assortment allocation strategy and Sponsored Products.


Great Art Now teamed up with CPC Strategy in hopes to improve their sales and
increase channel profitability



Great Art Now teamed up with CPC Strategy in hopes to improve their sales and increase channel profitability. YOY Great Art Now’s dedicated Amazon team worked to identify specific areas of weakness and build out their Amazon seller account to it’s full potential.


Great Art Now’s Primary Goals

  • Take Advantage of FBA Optimization
  • Increase Visibility for All Their Products on Amazon
  • Implement Sponsored Products


The Results

Period Analyzed: Q3 2014 vs. Q1 2015


Total Ordered Items


Ordered Product Sales

CPC Strategy addressed each of Great Art Now’s goals by leveraging in-house Amazon optimization strategies and techniques:



Goal 1: Take Advantage of FBA Optimization

After an in-depth analysis of their current account inventory, Great Art Now’s Amazon team was able to identify select products that were getting high levels of visibility (measured by sessions).

For these high visibility SKUs, the focus was to increase their overall product buyability by optimizing their product detail pages for conversion rate. Great Art Now is unique in that they don’t have many competitors and did not need to focus on increasing Buy Box ownership share. So, the main value of implementing FBA was to increase the overall likelihood that their products would be purchased on the Amazon marketplace.

This strategic inventory selection process allowed Great Art Now to implement an FBA strategy for the SKUs that would see the most immediate impact on their Amazon sales.


Goal 2: Increase Visibility for All Their Products on Amazon

Great Art Now’s Amazon team was able to increase a variety of their buying options by building out more products and merging existing parent – child SKUs. For example, instead of having one version of the Mona Lisa – shoppers can now access 4 different sizes with multiple framing options. Great Art Now significantly expanded their listing count from just under 30,000 to close to a million in less than one year.


Goal 3: Implement Sponsored Products

Great Art Now saw significant value from implementing a sophisticated Sponsored Products strategy. Since executing CPC Strategy’s Sponsored Products campaign structure and bidding processes, Great Art Now was generating close to a six-figure revenue stream that previously hadn’t existed for them. Due to the nature of their competitive landscape, Great Art Now’s Sponsored Products campaigns were able to keep bids low, increase visibility for top performing ASINs, and maintain a low cost of sale (COS).


“CPC Strategy has exceeded all of our expectations in a very short period of time. Both Amazon sales and session have grown exponentially in the past year and they’re always available to answer questions and offer advice.”


Katie Czelusniak

Merchandising Manager, Great Art Now

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