Halsbrook Focuses on Shopper Retargeting, Sees +293% in Facebook Orders & +42% Conversion Lift on Google

Halsbrook is an online retailer for women’s designer apparel and accessories. Since launching in 2012, they’ve been featured everywhere from the New York Times to WWD, garnering a loyal following of women of all ages – particularly those aged 40+ who traditionally prefer to shop in-store.


CPC Strategy worked closely with Halsbrook and invested in Dynamic Remarketing Ads across Facebook and Google to reduce wasted spend and accelerate ROI.



Before partnering with CPC in March 2015, Halsbrook managed all of their paid ads in house, which expended much of their marketing bandwidth.

Halsbrook knew they needed to stay top-of-mind with their valuable customers, drastically increase ROI on Facebook and Google Shopping (in addition to channels like Bing and CSEs) and compete in the saturated apparel market without overspending.


Halsbrook’s Objectives

  • Compete with Larger Retailers on Google
  • Increase Spend Efficiency Accross Google and Facebook
  • Offset Time Spent Managing Ad Campaigns



The Results

Period Analyzed: Q3 2015 – Q3 2016


Orders on Facebook Dynamic Ads


Google Shopping Impressions Share


Orders on Google Dynamic Remarketing

CPC Strategy addressed each goal by leveraging our in-house Google & Facebook optimization strategies + techniques



Goal 1: Compete With Larger Retailers on Google

CPC Strategy trimmed Google Shopping ad spend by -27.08%, which typically results in lower impressions. However, with efficient spending and an investment on Dynamic Remarketing ads (see below section) CTR actually rose +38.97%.

CPC also worked with Halsbrook to increase brand visibility and impression share on Google Shopping. In 2016, compared to other advertisers participating in the same shopping auctions, Halsbrook ranked #1 on Shopping Y-O-Y, boasting 38.73% impression share on an overall catalog level, above many other big box apparel retailers.



Goal 2: Increase Spend Efficiency Across Google & Facebook

Halsbrook’s target audience is very loyal, with VIP customers who shop on the website an average of 7-8x per year, with some customers shopping up to 50x per year. In order to capitalize on these customers, CPC tailor-designed and optimized dynamic remarketing campaigns across both Google and Facebook. These Dynamic Remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Google in particular have produced outstanding results from Q3 2015 to Q3 2016.

Overall, since March, the CPC team was able to work closely with the Halsbrook team to fly beyond the minimum ROI goal and cut the average cost per acquisition across all managed ad channels.


Facebook Dynamic Ads

Increased Orders +293%

Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Increased Orders +42%

Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Raised ROI +97%

Goal 3: Offset Time Spent on Online Marketing Efforts

In March 2015, CPC Strategy starting managing and optimizing six paid ad platforms for Halsbrook, including:

  • U.S. Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Shopping
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing
  • Branded Text Ads

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms for Halsbrook, the Halsbrook team has been freed up to invest in other omnichannel marketing endeavors, such as launching a brand new successful print catalog and growing dedicated email subscribers. Today, Halsbrook and CPC communicate and review ad performance reports on a weekly basis to ensure campaigns remain profitable.


“We’ve had an amazing experience with everyone we’ve worked with at CPC. They always take the time to thoroughly explain unfamiliar concepts or address questions about campaign performance. We’ve worked with different agencies before, and what we really appreciate about CPC is that they’re true partners.”

Halsey Schroeder

Founder | CEO , Halsbrook

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