HeidiJHale Increases New Users by 197.87%,
Sitewide Revenue by 48.55%

HeidiJHale is known for its beautiful, personalized jewelry made of high-quality materials and natural stones sourced from all over the world. A small town jewelry business in Indiana, HeidiJHale has since grown into a digital direct-to-consumer brand that creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry for men and women.


HeidiJHale teamed up with CPC Strategy in March 2017 to improve
their Google paid advertising efforts and drive sales.


Before partnering with CPC in March 2017, HeidiJHale’s marketing was managed in-house by its founders, Heidi and Sean Hale, who had limited time and resources to devote to other business priorities.

Although they saw success with their Facebook advertising, they needed to expand their efforts to Google’s paid advertising platform to ensure they were capturing all of the demand generated from their Facebook advertising.

HeidiJHale’s Objectives:

  • Increase new users to website
  • Increase sitewide revenue



The Results

6/1/2017 – 8/31/2017 vs 6/1/2018 – 8/31/2018


Increase in new users


Increase in sitewide sales


Goal 1: Increase New Users to Website

HeidiJHale partnered with CPC Strategy to grow their brand’s digital presence and improve their overall paid advertising efforts. To do so, they would need to optimize their Facebook advertising and also build out a comprehensive Google Advertising campaign strategy that drove new traffic to the website.

We scaled interest targeting by creating customer personas in line with audience data and optimized our lookalike targeting to find new customers based on best-performing seed audiences.

Improved ad copy, more engaging creative, and better audience targeting improved overall performance on Facebook, which improved CTRs and traffic to the website.

Not only did we see CTRs increase, but we were also able to find lower CPCs on both Facebook and Google which improved ROAS.

With our Facebook advertising efforts generating demand for HeidiJHale’s brand and product offering, we wanted to establish Google advertising campaigns to capture this demand when customers researched the brand online.

We set up Google Analytics to begin collecting valuable visitor and customer behavior data — data we used to build out audiences that we could add to our campaigns and adjust bids based on each audience’s performance.

We wanted to ensure that HeidiJHale was present throughout the entire customer journey, so we set up a full funnel campaign strategy using Shopping, Trademark, and Dynamic Search Ads to target customers depending on where they were in the discovery journey of HeidiJHale’s products.

HeidiJHale’s strong organic presence in addition to trademark and Shopping campaigns ensured that the brand covered the entire fold for their branded keywords, while also still being able to reach users that searched non-branded, generic keywords for personal jewelry.

By improving HeidiJHale’s presence on both Google and Facebook, we were able to increase new users to their website by 197.87%.



Goal 2: Increase Sitewide Sales

Not only did HeidiJHale want to grow traffic, but they wanted to grow profitably.

This meant not only evaluating success on each channel but tracking sales holistically knowing all media spend was directly impacting daily performance.

To provide more visibility on attribution, we were able to get HeidiJHale access to a Facebook beta program which provides concrete data about the customer conversion path and purchase window.

Armed with this data, we refined our campaign cadence to better reflect the attribution window of customers on Facebook. This improved ROAS and gave us a better understanding of when to scale spend as well as when to pull back and refresh creative.

We also learned that a significant number of conversions take place on mobile, which cemented our mobile-first strategy and provided insight into how landing pages should be optimized to improve conversion rates.

We used the higher volume of traffic to gather more data on which audiences were the most profitable and then doubled down on these audiences with aggressive Shopping campaigns.

Though the majority of our focus has been on scaling sales from prospecting, we also put best practices at the bottom of the funnel with Dynamic Ads. Using a setup focused on maximizing conversions using Facebook’s algorithm, we have been able to successfully re-target site visitors with products most relevant to them.

These campaigns helped drive lower funnel conversions, improve customer lifetime value, and ultimately increased sitewide sales by 48.55%.


“CPC has been a great partner to work with. Our challenges were very specific to multi-level funnel targeting and finding quality audiences. Their expertise has broadened our reach both on paid social and paid search. They truly feel like an extension to our inside social marketing team.”

Sean Hale

President, HeidiJHale

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