HYLETE Increases Text Ad Revenue by +450%

Founded in 2012, HYLETE, Inc., is an innovative, performance cross-training apparel company that captures the spirit of the hybrid athlete. What makes HYLETE’s shopping experience unique is that you won’t find HYLETE products at traditional retail stores. By removing the retailer’s markup, they are able to pass on the savings to their customers. Recently, HYLETE was awarded the Men’s Health Fitness Award for “Best Training Shorts”.


HYLETE teamed up with CPC Strategy to grow their online revenue

Project Scope

When HYLETE joined CPC Strategy in February 2016, they were managing most of their marketing efforts in-house. Although they were making significant strides with their Facebook advertising, the main challenge for HYLETE was ​growing sales and branding efforts through paid search; specifically through Google Shopping. Their ecommerce advertising efforts needed to be scaled out but they didn’t have the bandwidth to manage it ​internally.

HYLETE’s Primary Goals

  • Increase Online Sales Revenue
  • Increase Brand Awareness

The Results


1/28/2016 – 2/11/2016 vs. 2/11/2016 – 2/24/2016


Increased Text Ad Revenue


Increased Revenue for Branded Terms

CPC Strategy addressed each of HYLETE’s goals by leveraging our in-house optimization strategies and techniques:

Goal 1: Increase Sales Revenue

Only 14 days after joining CPC Strategy, HYLETE saw a 450% revenue lift in their text ad campaigns. Prior to joining CPC Strategy, ​most of the paid advertising strategy was focused on growing​ sales through Facebook. Text campaigns in AdWords weren’t segmented by branded terms, by device, nor were Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) being leveraged to segment ad creatives for different stages of the purchase funnel.

We built in the appropriate Google Shopping campaign structure – adding in branded vs. non branded terms to signal different call to action ad types for shoppers who had never been to HYLETE before vs. previous buyers or those already familiar with the brand name. We were able to take this a step further with device and brand segmented campaigns to leverage conversion path reports in our budget and bidding strategy.

Thanks to our ISO campaign development we implemented priority settings and negative keywords to isolate and allocate more aggressive bids and budget to certain high value ​non-branded queries that we wanted to corner the market​. This advanced strategy gave HYLETE more control over which search queries their products showed up for. It also allowed them to isolate and dedicate budget to search queries that historically convert well.

With ISO campaigns, although we can’t target keywords directly, we were able to leverage negative keyword lists (non-branded) in an alternative campaign and then utilize the priority settings so that searches funneled into the right campaign.


Goal 2: Increase Branded Traffic & Revenue

In addition to the 807% increase in branded traffic revenue, we also made improvements to their account that resulted in a 140% increase in unique queries, 1,611% increase in clicks, and a 62% decrease in CPCs (for branded clicks only). This lift was mostly due to campaign structure optimization, ad copy/keyword target improvements, and segmenting our different layers accordingly by leveraging RLSA to hyper-targeted ad copy to match the user’s stage in the purchase funnel.

For example, now when a customer searches for a HYLETE product, each Google Ad is catered toward the consumer based on demographics and behavior. We also partitioned out shoppers who came in from Facebook traffic. HYLETE created a list of users who came to their site via Facebook and then we created Google Dynamic Remarketing to specifically target those users. We retargeted users who came through a prospecting ad and then segmented it based on male vs. female. This allowed men to see a male clothing ad and women to see a female clothing ad.

CPC Strategy also worked with HYLETE to leverage YouTube in-stream overlay advertising to build awareness for customers who were not familiar with the HYLETE name. By targeting videos likely of interest to HYLETE’s target audience, we were ​able to significantly grow their email subscription list​, and actually generate sales at a positive from these display ads on YouTube​.


“We’re a small team at HYLETE which makes the need for complete confidence in our partners extremely important. From our initial meeting with CPC Strategy my confidence level in the team has been at a steady ascent. I’m more than happy with their current performance and very excited to grow HYLETE’s online marketing effort in other areas of their expertise.”

Jamie Wardlow

Director of Marketing, HYLETE Inc.

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