HYLETE Increases Facebook Revenue by +367.9% Through Audience Prospecting Techniques

HYLETE is an online retailer for premium performance apparel and gear. Founded in 2012, the direct-to-consumer company started with a single item in its product line and has steadily expanded. Today, HYLETE’s growth has been rapid, as evidenced by its extensive line, millions of dollars raised in crowd-funding, and an increasing popularity in the cross-training fitness market.


HYLETE teamed up with CPC Strategy to scale their business on Facebook



In a step toward continuing their success, HYLETE teamed up with CPC Strategy to improve their efforts on Facebook. In August of 2016, our Social team went to work and began refining HYLETE’s strategy to build out improved audience prospecting, increase the total number of new website accounts created, and increase revenue generated from Facebook.


HYLETE’s Primary Goals

  • Build Out Improved Audience Prospecting
  • Increase Revenue Generated from Facebook
  • Increase Number of New Website Accounts Created



The Results

Period Analyzed: 8/1/2015 to 1/1/2016


Increased Revenue


Increased Total Transactions


Increased New Accounts Created


Increased AOV

CPC Strategy addressed each of HYLETE’s goals by leveraging our in-house Facebook optimization strategies and techniques:



Goal 1:
Build Out Improved Audience Prospecting

One of the most difficult things to do well on Facebook is audience prospecting. It’s not just about getting in front of the right audiences, it’s figuring out what they are going to respond to as well. CPC Strategy was able to refine the reach of HYLETE’s audiences and increase conversion rates through a rigorous and advanced testing process.

To build out a well-defined prospecting strategy, we leveraged internal and external data weighed against months of creative testing to position HYLETE in front of new audiences that closely resembled the brand’s ideal customers.

Through strict creative testing schedules, our social team has been able to identify and target defined audience prospects and what they are most responsive to in HYLETE’s Facebook advertising strategy. By increasing the amount of qualified traffic being driven to HYLETE’s site, we were able to see performance boosts of +22% in average order value, +68.43% in the average session duration, and +20.84% in pages visited per session.



Goal 2:
Increase Revenue Generated from Facebook

One of our biggest areas of focus for HYLETE’s Facebook advertising strategy was increasing revenue generated from the platform. Prior to teaming up with CPC Strategy, the company was running dynamic ads and minor prospecting campaigns as a side component. Working with CPC Strategy allowed HYLETE to scale their advertising efforts in both areas and increase revenue generated from Facebook.

We utilized dynamic ads across Facebook and Google to retarget past purchasers, specific product page visits, or cart abandoners. In addition to dynamic ads, our social team was able to create look-a-like audiences using first-party data, such as CRM lists and website behaviors recorded by Facebook pixels installed throughout the site.

Coupled with an extensive creative testing process, our social team was able to increase revenue and engagement generated from Facebook. HYLETE was able to increase their ecommerce conversion rate by 580.81%, the number of transactions by 340.65%, and revenue generated from the platform by 367.92%.



Goal 3:
Increase New Website Accounts Created

HYLETE aims to be more than just an apparel retailer. The brand wants to encompass a certain lifestyle with its presence. As a result, they created HYLETE Nation; a way for customers to stay involved with the company and up to date on the latest products and events.

CPC Strategy’s goal was to increase the number of accounts created for HYLETE Nation. Our team built out interest-based audiences, utilized look-a-like audiences, and used a refined creative strategy to capture audience segments that were likely to convert.

As a result, our social team was able to increase the amount of highly-qualified traffic being driven to HYLETE’s website. Since teaming up with CPC Strategy, we have produced an increase in new website accounts created by 257.60%.


“As HYLETE grows, it is important we partner with vendors like CPC Strategy, who we can trust as an expert voice in their field. Beyond the tangibles of timely execution and organized communication, it is the confidence of working with a partner who truly cares about the success of the brand that sets CPC Strategy apart from the rest.”

Jamie Wardlow

VP of Marketing, HYLETE

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