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Owlet Baby Care is a health technology company which strives to keep every baby safe and in July 2020, they released the third version of their proprietary Smart Sock Baby Monitor that tracks baby’s heart rate and oxygen while they sleep, and alerts parents if their baby needs assistance.

There is a strong community of parents within our target audience who actively engage with Owlet’s social content, showing that parents want to give and receive credible information to parents alike. In Q3 2020, 20% of their Facebook budget was allocated on these real testimonial ads which drove 28% of revenue; however, with COVID fears being so prevalent, the brand wanted to be mindful of perpetuating fear within the space.

We decided to pivot their strategy and lean into Influencer Marketing that promoted the product in a more positive light, to better support parents during this already challenging time.

“With Tinuiti’s Influencer Marketing program, Owlet was able to go beyond our organic reach and maximize our Influencer content on paid channels. We were happy to see such positive results within our paid campaigns when we combined our organic influencer program with our paid program. The influencer campaigns quickly became some of our higher performing consideration and conversion campaigns.”

– Seth Lofgreen, Growth Team at Owlet


versus account average during same period
More Cost-Efficient CPC
Stronger CTR From Influencer Creative
Stronger ROAS
Stronger CVR
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How We Did It

With Owlet’s new Smart Sock launching in July 2020, our Influencer team had a great opportunity to capture new parents testing out the brand-new product. After the new product launched, we used 40 micro-influencers to capture authentic, credible recommendations and reviews from a variety of parents across the nation. With the 2020 political climate, we saw across the landscape that more and more consumers turned to peers and social influencers for trusted recommendations during this time.

Our team supported this approach on Facebook and Instagram by testing Influencer creative in August 2020 within our prospecting audiences to capture net-new users, increase the visibility of the brand, and drive users to consider a purchase. Due to overwhelming success, we launched an Influencer strategy within our retargeting audiences in November and continued to see strong traction throughout Q4. Overall, the new Influencer imagery drove a +26% stronger ROAS and a +42% stronger CTR compared to business as usual creative.

By launching branded content ads on Facebook and Instagram, we were able to promote content from the influencers’ handle with the tag “with Owlet”, to emphasize brand recognition. Adding a “Shop Now” call-to-action ensured that users were able to easily click through and potentially convert, driving lift in CVR for this creative compared to the original strategy. The strongest creative featured the product in the forefront of the image, but was stylized and highlighted a user-generated-content look and feel.

When testing influencer creative alongside our produced business-as-usual (BAU) creative, we gained efficiencies across all key metrics. The Influencer ads experienced -25% lower CPA than BAU creative while seeing a +42 increase in CTR. More efficient CTR and CPCs indicated that users were engaged with the creative. This success was proven down the funnel with a +16% stronger CVR, demonstrating that beyond front-end metrics, our target audience was inspired to convert. Testing into this new creative strategy allowed us to ease the creative lift during this period when production was tricky due to COVID restrictions.

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