Instead of Being Hot for Teacher, We Make Students Hot for Higher Ed

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The education sector is constant, but with social, their lead gen is transformed.

When this higher education organization came to us, they had not yet spent any money pursuing leads through social media advertising. A blank slate—especially on a channel as complex as Facebook—can be overwhelming.


They knew that they needed to be where their potential students were, but they didn’t understand the best way to reach them. Our Paid Social team sat down to work with them on a plan to meet or exceed their goals in terms of leads and, most importantly, student enrollments.

We also wanted to ensure that these leads were of a higher quality given the precise targeting ability of Facebook’s platform; going after only the right audiences would ensure their costs were reduced over time.

40% Cost Per Lead // 412% Enrollments


One of the reasons that this higher education organization has been so successful is that they have always been open to testing new ad formats and creative. They prefer to be out in front of what is new within Facebook advertising. Their ability to jump at new ad types, which typically offer cost-effective inventory, has set them apart in the education industry. (This client has repeatedly been relied on by Facebook to participate in alpha and beta tests of Facebook Lead Ads, Messenger Ads, and others over the years.)


With this willingness to explore, our Paid Social team was able to identify efficiencies in mobile ad spend. These efficiencies were so great that the organization now spends 100% of their lead gen budget allocated for social on Facebook’s mobile audiences.

They made the executive decision to do this when performance indicated that the leads generated on mobile were 3x cheaper than leads acquired from desktop audiences. We’ve even seen campaigns deliver consistent CPEs that were more cost effective than their organic search!

All of this teamwork has led now to students coming to them, instead of them looking for students.

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December 20, 2017

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