Interline Brands Increases Google Shopping Revenue +110%

Interline Brands (a Home Depot owned company) is a leading direct marketer and distributor of broad-line maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products. Approaching $2 billion in sales, they’re a large-scale, national distributor for several brands. In the following case study, we focus on advertising efforts for one of Interline’s Brands, “Barnett” who primarily sell to professional plumbing, electrical, HVAC and building contractors.


Interline Brands teamed up with CPC Strategy to scale their business on Google Shopping



Barnett Pro Contractor, one of the three Interline brands currently working with CPC Strategy teamed up with our agency in February 2017 to improve their Google Shopping advertising efforts. We worked closely with Barnett’s team to establish a sophisticated online advertising strategy to acquire new B2B customers and increase revenue while maintaining a low cost of sale.


Primary Goals

  • Increase Revenue at Low Cost of Sale
  • Acquire New Customers



The Results

Period Analyzed: March – May 2017


Increase in Volume


Decrease in Cost of Sale


Acquire New Customers

CPC Strategy addressed Interline Brand’s goals by leveraging our in-house Google Shopping optimization strategies and techniques:



Goal 1: Increase Revenue at Low Cost of Sale

Because Barnett Pro Contractor typically works with contractors, it was important for us to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns to hone in on their target customer. Contractors will often search for a product by the manufacturer brand name and model series number. We took this into consideration when implementing our ISO™ campaigns.

ISO™ campaigns leverage priority settings and negative keywords in conjunction to segment traffic into desired campaign buckets. This allows us to effectively target search queries and specific search criteria as opposed to giving Google full control over matching their products with queries.

With Barnett, we segmented branded vs. non branded traffic but also utilized priority settings to further isolate searches for UPC or model numbers. As a result, we were able to grow revenue 110% at a lower cost of sale.



Goal 2: Acquire New Customers

Barnett Pro Contractor Supplies made a decision to increase their digital marketing budget to allocate for a new initiative: increase customer accounts. Barnett requires their customers to set up an account with their website prior to purchasing any items. This also allows them to identify new vs. returning customers.

Before partnering with CPC Strategy, Barnett’s Google Shopping advertising efforts were fairly simple. At the time, there was limited brand vs. non-brand segmentation, which prevented Barnett from being able to dedicate budget to strategically acquire new customers at a measurable return.

Using our ISO™ campaign structure, we were able to significantly optimize Barnett’s Google Shopping strategy which allowed Barnett to acquire new users at scale. As a result of our campaign segmentation, we were able to push more traffic to their website, which also increased the amount of new customer accounts.


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