Keter Increases Amazon AMS Sales 290.41%

Keter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. With a focus on innovation driven by consumer insight, Keter provides an impressive range of furniture, storage and organization solutions.


Keter teamed up with CPC Strategy in January 2018 to improve their Amazon Vendor advertising efforts and drive sales.



Keter teamed up with CPC Strategy to scale their Amazon Vendor operations. Since joining, Keter was able to significantly improve their online advertising efforts through Amazon Marketing Services, increase sales, and lower ACoS.


Keter’s Goals:

  • Establish Profitable Amazon Advertising Campaigns
  • Increase AMS Sales & Lower ACoS



The Results

Time Period: Q1 2018 vs Q2 2018


AMS Sales




Goal 1: Advanced Keyword Harvesting

When Keter joined CPC Strategy they were seeking guidance on how to better execute their advertising efforts on Amazon. As we started to clean up their account, we identified several areas of improvement.

To start, we leveraged our in-depth keyword research and bid optimization strategies to improve performance and efficiency. The goal of Amazon keyword harvesting is to discover and bid on keywords or search terms used by customers to find your products.

By analyzing Keter’s keyword data on a granular level we were able to discover terms that they never even thought about bidding on before. Instead of the “set it and forget” approach, now we were able to push Keter’s products forward with a detailed (and profitable) keyword strategy in mind.



Goal 2: Increase AMS Sales & Lower ACoS

It’s a well known best practice to optimize Amazon Marketing campaign structure to improve management. But simply revamping Amazon campaign structure doesn’t lead to performance improvements by itself.

One of Keter’s biggest goals was finding a campaign structure & setup that worked for them & covered all their products. With such a large catalog, Keter needed to improve their campaign management efficiency in order to scale. Shortly after they joined CPC Strategy, we implemented the use of in-house technology. CAPx allowed us to build out a robust campaign structure for Keter and set product-level bids throughout their entire catalog. By restructuring their AMS campaigns, we were able to dissect and bid aggressively on keywords and products most likely to convert.

We also optimized their auto and manual campaigns and built out new campaigns (based on an ASIN level) which allowed us to get a lot more detailed with their bidding strategy. Now, our Account Managers can easily edit and update campaigns in a matter of minutes instead of hours. These improvements also provided more control over ACoS objectives by product category.

As a result, Keter has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing conversions by more than 290% in less than 3 months.


“CPC Strategy has really opened the door for Keter to be able to move toward strategically moving Amazon shoppers into the deeper portfolio of items from our brand & drive more visibility much quicker of new items on the platform which has been very successful for us. They are a great collaborative partner that we continue to lean on to help us unlock growth.”

Heath Willis

Vice President, eCommerce, Keter

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