LionsDeal Increases Google Shopping Revenue By +72.92%

LionsDeal is a provider of wholesale business supplies and equipment for small businesses, restaurants, bars, cafe’s, schools, churches and more. They currently offer a variety of quality products including dinnerware, flatware, silverware, catering and buffet supplies, cooking, baking supplies, pizza accessories, kitchen tools, office supplies, restaurant furniture, disposables, janitorial supplies and much more.


LionsDeal & CPC Strategy worked together to accelerate YOY & increase ROAS



CPC Strategy worked together with LionsDeal to address each goal by leveraging our CAPx bidding tool combined with Google’s Enhanced CPC to drive YOY revenue growth.


LionsDeal Goals

  • Accelerate YOY Growth & Increase ROAS



The Results

Time Period: (1/1/17 – 4/30/17) vs. (1/1/18 – 4/30/18)


Total Revenue


Total ROAS


Goal: Accelerate YOY Growth & Increase ROAS

LionsDeal was already advertising on Google when they joined CPC Strategy in 2017, but due to a lack of bandwidth they were not leveraging the channel to its fullest potential.

Facing the challenge of an increasingly competitive vertical (Restaurant Supplies), we were able to combine the power of our CAPx bidding tool with Google’s Enhanced CPC to quickly drive YOY Revenue growth.



About CAPx

Most retailers and brands agree that every product deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs manually isn’t feasible for Marketing Managers today. Fortunately, CAPx alleviates the threat of inefficiency, without having to sacrifice the attention of product level bidding.

We utilized our in-house technology to implement an advanced marketing strategy on Google Shopping for LionsDeal. This advanced approach to Shopping included: programmatic bidding, budget pacing, search term harvesting, and negative keyword grouping – all essential strategies to keep up with the vertical’s increasing competitive landscape.



About eCPC

In addition to the increase in Revenue, we also saw a noticeable improvement in ROAS, thanks to the enablement of Google’s Enhanced CPC feature.

Enhanced CPC (also known as ECPC) looks for ad auctions that are more likely to lead to conversions, and then raises your max CPC bid (after applying any bid adjustments you’ve set) to compete harder for those clicks. If a click seems less likely to convert, AdWords will lower your bid. The power of eCPC is in its ability to influence the bid on an auction by auction basis and drive spend toward search terms most likely to lead to a conversion.

We’ve seen significant success with the latest version of Google’s Enhanced CPC feature – specifically for our Shopping campaigns.

Our CAPx technology combined with eCPC allowed us to quickly accelerate revenue growth & improve ROAS for LionsDeal.

Today, LionsDeal & CPC Strategy communicate and review ad performance reports on a weekly basis to ensure their campaigns are continuing to grow and remain profitable.


“We have been thrilled with the work that CPC Strategy has done since they took on our account, our ROAS continues to increase and performance metrics have never been better. Our account Rep is always available for me to bounce ideas off of and he is always looking for news ways to optimize and improve our account.”

Jack Markovic

President, LionsDeal

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