Microscope Increases Overall Amazon Revenue By 45.75%

Founded by a teacher in 1998, Microscope.com is now one of the largest Internet retailers of microscopes in the world. Their products include a growing range of microscopes, imaging equipment and accessories that include their own house brand, Omano as well as Motic, Meiji Techno and Dino-Lite. They’ve also been awarded Top Ten Reviews GOLD AWARD for Best Online Microscope Retailer for the past six consecutive years, including a special award for Excellence in 2014.


Microscope teamed up with CPC Strategy in November 2016 to improve their Amazon advertising



The biggest obstacle for Microscope was a lack of bandwidth. With several product launches on the horizon (in an effort to build up equity before the Q4 shopping season), their team could not dedicate the time and focus required to improve their advertising efforts. Since joining CPC Strategy, we’ve been able to scale Microscope’s Amazon advertising operations and increase overall sales – setting new thresholds for the entire year.


Microscope’s Primary Goals

  • Scale Amazon Advertising Operations & Increase Revenue
  • Optimize ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content



The Results

Period Analyzed: Sept 2016 vs. Sep 2017 (YOY)


Increased Amazon Revenue

CPC Strategy addressed Microscope’s goals by leveraging in-house Amazon optimization techniques



Goal 1: Scale Amazon Advertising Operations & Increase Ad Revenue

One of the biggest initiatives for CPC Strategy was to identify and optimize Microscope’s advertising campaigns based on product performance. We worked with Microscope to identify the most profitable products within their catalog and optimize ad campaigns to open up new sales opportunities. We also identified products that were clogging up their inventory and built out AMS campaigns to increase exposure and bring those items to the forefront of the search results.

After further analysis, our team discovered a valuable sales opportunity for Microscope due to a gap in the market. Microscope offers a unique product with little to no competition in the Amazon space. This product was not getting the proper exposure, so we built out offensive campaigns to target customers seeking this specific item. The increase in sales enabled Microscope to invest in more inventory and grow their business.



Goal 2: Optimize ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content

Our creative team also implemented Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on select ASINs to act as an extension of Microscope’s brand on the Marketplace.

We worked with Microscope to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. EBC gave Microscope the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant product details about their technology.

Working with CPC Strategy also freed up Microscope’s marketing team to focus on new product launches and additional marketing endeavours including unique product packaging. We continue with work with Microscope as a strategic layer between their business and the Amazon Marketplace to support the creation and launch of these new items.


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