MidWest Homes for Pets™ Increases AMS Sales 231.11%

Founded in 1921, MidWest Homes for Pets™ is the largest U.S. headquartered home builder for pets. Today, they offer a complete line of standard-setting Dog Crates, Small Animal Modular Habitat Systems, Birdcages, Pet Enclosure Furniture, and an ever-growing array of Pet Bedding and related Accessories.


MidWest Homes for Pets partnered with CPC Strategy to improve their advertising efforts on Amazon Marketing Services



MidWest Homes for Pets teamed up with CPC Strategy to gain a better understanding of the Marketplace, improve efficiency, and scale their Amazon Vendor operations. They also wanted to increase exposure and generate more sales for products in their catalog (outside of their typical best sellers).


MidWest Homes for Pets Primary Goals

  • Scale Amazon Marketing Services advertising
  • Increase exposure & conversion rate for their entire catalog



The Results

Period Analyzed: June 2017 vs August 2017 (2 months after signing with CPC Strategy)


Increased AMS Sales

CPC Strategy addressed each goal by leveraging in-house Amazon optimization techniques



Goal 1: Scale Amazon advertising efforts & improve efficiency

When MidWest Homes for Pets joined CPC Strategy they were seeking guidance on how to better invest their Amazon advertising dollars. Although they were already bidding on branded terms, very few non-branded keywords were driving bottom line revenue. We leveraged our in-depth keyword research and bid optimization strategies to improve performance and efficiency.

Pet care is a growing market, so in order to stay ahead of their competitors we also focused on new ways to optimize their product content. Our in-house creative team worked with MidWest Home for Pets to design a unique Amazon Brand Page and recently implemented a new Amazon Store.

Amazon Stores allow brand owners to design and showcase their brand, products and unique value proposition on Amazon. Not only do Amazon Stores provide a curated collection of a brand’s products in a customized, brand-centric, shopping experience they are also known to increase conversion rates.



Goal 2: Increase exposure & conversion rate for their entire catalog

Prior to working with CPC Strategy, MidWest Homes for Pets focused a majority of their advertising efforts on their HERO SKUs (aka best selling products) because they didn’t have the time to scale out the remainder of the catalog. Although MidWest Homes for Pets offers high quality products accompanied by positive reviews, many of their products were not performing well – largely due to a lack of exposure on the Marketplace.

We worked with MidWest Homes for Pets to identify, expose, and promote products in their catalog (using automatic campaigns) so they didn’t have to rely so heavily on their best sellers to drive revenue.

Once those products became discoverable and buyable to consumers, we used data from our automatic campaigns to build out manual campaigns. Manual campaigns allow brands to fine tune their product targeting based on the relevancy of the keyword(s) and set bids on individual keywords that target relevancy searches. We also used data from these campaigns to build out Headline Search Ads and target their competitor’s products (same price range and vertical) using Product Display Ads. Within two months, we were able to increase AMS sales by 231.11% (June – August 2017), we also reduced their ACoS from 14.23% to 7.35% (June – October 2017).


“The e-commerce platform is growing fast and always changing. Working with CPC Strategy has allowed us to stay ahead of our competitors and excel in this evolving environment. With AMS spend comprising a large amount of any vendor’s budget, it was important to us that we worked with an agency we could trust and rely on. We have constant access to our CPC Representative and often use CPC as a sounding board for our other e-commerce initiatives as well. I am very happy with our decision to use CPC Strategy.”

Neil Smith

Director of E-commerce, MidWest Homes for Pets

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