Mighty Bright Increases Amazon Sales 189.89%

Based in Santa Barbara, California, since 1984, Mighty Bright designs and manufactures portable LED lights, magnifiers and craft accessories. Their lines of eco-friendly LED lights make your life easier, from reading and crafting to camping and performing your favorite tune.


Mighty Bright teamed up with CPC Strategy in October 2017 to scale and improve their Amazon advertising efforts.



Mighty Bright turned to CPC Strategy to improve their ecommerce presence & expand their customer reach. In order to do so, they knew they would need to establish Amazon advertising campaigns to increase product discoverability and drive conversions. Thanks to our efforts, Amazon is now a powerful channel to expand Mighty Bright’s reach and grow their user base.


Mighty Bright’s Goals:

  • Establish profitable Amazon advertising campaigns
  • Implement advanced competitor targeting



The Results

Period Analyzed: 3 months before launch (7/18/2017 to 10/18/2017) vs. 3 months after launch (10/18/2017 to 1/18/2018)


Total Sales


Units Sold


Goal 1: Establish profitable Amazon advertising campaigns

It’s a well known best practice to optimize Amazon Marketing campaign structure to improve management. But simply revamping Amazon campaign structure doesn’t lead to performance improvements by itself.

At CPC Strategy, we believe the real secret to success on the Marketplace is through the integration of automated bid rules. In the case of Mighty Bright, we turned to our CAPx (rule-based) bidding technology for Amazon 3Ps to strengthen performance.

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms, Mighty Bright has not only increased their total Amazon sales by 189% but they’ve also increased impressions, clicks, and orders – while lowering ACoS.

Time Period: 2 months before launch (8/18/2017 to 10/18/2017) vs. 2 months after launch (10/18/2017 to 12/18/2017)

  • Ad Sales: 227% Increase
  • Impressions: 121% increase
  • Clicks: 240% increase
  • ACoS: -11.45%
  • Orders: 267% increase



Goal 2: Implement Advanced Competitor Targeting

When Mighty Bright teamed up with CPC Strategy, they were also having trouble ranking for valuable keywords due to competitors in the space.

Instead of aggressively bidding on keywords (and wasting ad spend), CPC Strategy established aggressive competitor targeting efforts via Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

We created Offensive Campaigns (via Product Display Ads) to drive growth by targeting competitors and complementary products.

By targeting the highest revenue drivers in that particular category, Mighty Bright was able to take up more real estate on the Marketplace than ever before – leading to a 189.89% increase in sales in 3 months.

Today, Mighty Bright & CPC Strategy communicate and review ad performance reports on a weekly basis to ensure their campaigns are continuing to grow and remain profitable.


“After experiencing less-than-promising results with a competitor (one that relies solely on automated optimization), we decided to partner with CPC Strategy in Q3 of 2017. Through the efforts and insight of our dedicated Channel Analyst we have seen outstanding growth. The fact that CPC Strategy works with so many different companies in different verticals also means they have their fingers on the pulse of E-Commerce. They know what moves the needle and they are abreast of the ever-changing landscape. This is invaluable to us.”

Sarah Golden

E-Commerce Manager, Mighty Bright

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