Moji Optimizes Written Content & Implements Enhanced Brand Content

Moji’s mission is helping people of all ages stay active and pain free. They’ve created an array of innovative heat massagers, rollers, wraps, and other premium recovery products.

Moji teamed up with CPC Strategy in February 2018 to optimize their Amazon written content and implement Enhanced Brand Content on select detail pages.

Moji’s Primary Goals:

  • Optimize Amazon Product Detail Pages With Written Content
  • Implement Enhanced Brand Content on Select ASINs
  • Goal 1: Optimize Amazon Product Detail Pages With Written Content

    As most Amazon sellers already know, optimizing product content is an intentional strategy that can have a direct impact on their product(s) organic search ranking.

    Unfortunately, defining your product content submission strategy is one of the more perplexing aspects of Amazon selling.

    A great detail page, as seen to the left – accurately presents all the product information a customer would want and need in order to make a buying decision.

    In creating these detail page elements, it is critical to be as accurate as possible with the product information. Customers want to know exactly what they are buying.

    CPC Strategy worked directly with Moji to optimize their product detail page(s) to include:

  • A concise and unique title, in title style
  • Detailed bullet points conveying the most important information about the product
  • An accurate description of the product, discussing all its major features in detail
  • A clear product image of exactly what the customer is purchasing

    We also conducted keyword research for Moji products and added an optimized description (indexed on the backend) to improve Moji’s ranking opportunities.
    Products with clear and detailed information are more likely to earn a higher click-through-rate and convert. In the case of Moji, an increase in sales will ultimately lead to better ranking.

    Goal 2: Implement Enhanced Brand Content on Select ASINs

    Our creative team also added Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to select ASINs in May 2018 (within the product description) to act as an extension of Moji’s brand on the Marketplace.

    We worked with Moji to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

    EBC gave Moji the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant details about their product (including their unique heat technology), which resulted in an increase in conversion rate and a better shopping experience for their customers.

    As a result, MoM we saw a 39% increase in sessions & 57% increase in Page Views on select ASINs.

    “The CPC Strategy creative team designed an informative and visually appealing Enhanced Brand Content section for our Amazon pages. Effective and easy to use heat is our major differentiator for both our heated foam roller and wearable moist heat wraps. So, the CPC EBC team created specialized graphics and content to help customers understand the value of heat in our premium pain relief and recovery products.”

    Hope Samborn

    Project Manager, Moji

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