Paid Search Efforts Synced with TV Ads to Boost Donations for National Non-Profit

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A national non-profit client was getting ready to launch a large television campaign in support of their year-end fundraising activity. They were unsure if their TV ad campaign would impact existing digital marketing efforts, including Paid Search, and were concerned about competing organizations impacting their ability to raise donations. They asked their team at Elite SEM for help with analysis and strategy as they prepared to launch their TV campaign.


Elite partnered with TVTY, whose technology presents Paid Search ads at the exact moment TV spots are aired in various markets and syncs both brand and non-brand Paid Search campaigns with TV spots in-market. This allowed Elite to gain insight into the effect each had on the other. To measure overall impact, tests were organized into three categories: aligned brand-focused Paid Search campaigns with the client’s media spots, aligned competitor-focused Paid Search campaigns with competitors’ media spots, and aligned general non-profit Paid Search campaigns with non-specific, non-profit organization media spots.

+65% Click-through Rate /// +23% Conversion Rate /// +24% Avg Donation Value

From “Giving Tuesday” (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) through the year’s end (biggest time for donations for most non-profits), campaigns were synced using technology from TVTY to identify any lift in traffic due to consumers viewing the TV spot. Lift in click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and average donation value were also tracked with the express purpose of using the data to improve budgeting strategy while promoting efficiency, and increasing donations during the client’s most competitive month of the year.


When Paid Search campaigns were synced while media was in-market (e.g., if a user conducted a branded search while the client’s commercial was running), the client saw a CTR increase of 65%. Conversion rate also increased by 23%, and average donation value increased 24%.

Tracking competition, this client found that syncing Paid Search competitor keywords with competitor TV ads resulted in a 62% lift in CTR and a 13% reduction in average cost per click. Syncing with general non-specific non-profit television ads gained a 16% lift in CTR and a 20% increase in average donation value, as well, when syncing with generic “charity” keywords.

These results show that traditional TV ads can influence Paid Search campaign performance and donation amounts. Advertisers should actively work to align calendars and budget across channels appropriately, keeping in mind that various marketing channels can influence others.

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April 4, 2018

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