REEF Increases Their New Customer Transactions from Google Shopping by +425%

REEF was founded in 1984 by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, entrepreneur brothers from South America with a love for surf, travel, adventure, and a passion to create a high-quality active lifestyle sandal. Now 30 years later, the company is the global surf lifestyle leader. REEF draws on the spirit of the globe-trotter & adventure seeker to offer casual lifestyle footwear for men and women, as well as apparel for men that combine function and fashion for the outdoor-minded consumer.


REEF teamed up with CPC Strategy to acquire new customers through Google Shopping



REEF joined CPC Strategy in February 2016 with the objective of acquiring new customers, increasing e-commerce revenue, and improving brand awareness.


REEF’s Primary Goals

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Revenue Growth
  • Brand Uplift



The Results

Period Analyzed: (6/1/2016 – 2/28/17) vs. (6/1/15- 2/28/16)
*6/1/16 is when CPC Strategy switched to their ISO™ strategy


Increased YoY Google Shopping Conversions


Increased YoY New User Transactions From Google Shopping


Increased YoY Google Shopping Revenue

CPC Strategy Addressed REEF’s Goals by Leveraging In-House Google Shopping Optimization Strategies + Techniques



Goal 1: Acquire New Customers

Before REEF partnered with CPC Strategy, their Google Shopping strategy was primarily focused on capturing branded traffic through their simple campaign structure. There was no brand vs. non-brand nor device segmentation which prevented them from being able to dedicate budget to strategically acquire new customers at a measurable return. We were able to significantly optimize REEF’s Google Shopping strategy by implementing our ISO™ campaign structure, which allowed REEF to acquire new users at scale.



Understanding ISO™

ISO™ campaigns leverage priority settings and negative keywords in conjunction to segment traffic into desired campaign buckets. This allows advertisers to effectively target search queries and specific search criteria as opposed to giving Google full control over matching their products with queries. This is especially important for Brand advertisers because the ISO structure allows brands to cleanly separate a branded vs. a generic (or non-branded) search.

There are basic ISO structures and more advanced ones which can create multiple tiers of query targeting, even allowing advertisers to merchandise certain products against certain searches.



Goal 2: Increase Sales Revenue

In addition to expanding to new customers, REEF was also faced with an aggressive revenue goal. In our experience, we’ve seen significant success with device and brand segmentation. What this means is we were able to segment by device (mobile vs. desktop) and brand vs. non-branded search terms.

By segmenting campaigns this way, REEF was not only able to see how their brand vs. non-branded campaigns were performing, but also how to segment their budget accordingly rather than blanket bidding across all devices.



Goal 3: Improve Brand Uplift

A secondary effect to new customer acquisition and revenue growth was an improvement in brand uplift. Brand uplift is an increase in the interaction with a brand as a result of an advertising campaign, and is primarily used to identify a positive shift in customer awareness and perception. Retailers use brand uplift strategies to build up their presence in the market.

Overall transactions were up 46.84% YOY, which serves as a testament to REEF’s increased focus on non-branded traffic and upper funnel efforts. By optimizing their Google Shopping efforts we were able to combine prospecting, new customer acquisition, and brand building all into one effort, which allowed REEF to grow revenue with minimal loss in ROAS efficiency.


“With the ever-changing landscape of online commerce, it is mission critical to partner with an agency that understands your brand and your goals. CPC Strategy has been a main driver to unleashing our business’s success both in new customer acquisition and overall online revenue growth. I’ve been working with agencies for over a decade and have never worked with such a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about the industry like the team at CPC Strategy. Top notch talent!”

Jessica Levens

Director of Ecommerce, REEF

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