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Revel Systems: Satisfied Client

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Revel Systems, a feature-rich business platform driven by an iOS-based point of sale, was experiencing solid growth and had landed some top tier clients when they approached the Elite SEM team with a problem. Their Paid Search efforts were not driving growth for the organization and were on the path to be shut down.


Revel’s Cost Per Lead (CPL) with Paid Search was considerably high, which was affecting their bottom line. They needed to re-engineer their Paid Search efforts to drive scalable customer acquisition at an efficient CPL.

429% More Leads /// Cost Per Lead -87%


Once Elite SEM completed their analysis of Revel’s AdWords account and historical results, they began to put together a new strategy to lower the CPL. An account restructure was the first important step.

Prior to the Elite SEM partnership, a significant amount was spent on inefficient keywords and match types that were grouped within the same campaign. Segmenting match types by campaigns and tightly grouped themes, Elite was then able to allocate budget to the most scalable campaigns, becoming extremely efficient. In addition to this restructure, Elite leveraged Marin’s automated bidding algorithms to focus on CPL target goals.

Remarketing efforts played an important final role in Revel’s Paid Search success, recapturing visitors who had previously shown interest at a lower Cost Per Click (CPC). Once promising results starting rolling in, landing page testing was a crucial factor in converting prospects at a lower CPL.


Elite’s AdWords account restructure, in conjunction with advanced bidding, remarketing, and landing page optimization, increased leads for Revel Systems by 429% YoY. Comparing Q1 YoY, conversion rates increased by 70%. Revel also experienced 87% lower CPL than they started with, achieving their goal of driving more leads at a lower cost.

“Elite’s been a tremendous partner in identifying efficiencies, implementing best practices, and
ultimately, driving better business results for Revel.”
Jennifer Levanduski, Director of Marketing

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Posted on

May 30, 2017

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