ServSafe Grows Paid Search Orders by +77%

ServSafe, the National Restaurant Association, delivers top-quality training to restaurant and food service professionals, and they are the premier provider of educational resources, materials, and programs to help attract and develop a strong industry workforce.


In February 2016, ServSafe teamed up with CPC Strategy to optimize their Paid Search efforts


CPC Strategy partnered with ServSafe to improve their Paid Search performance by increasing order volume, improving click-through rate, and lowering cost per click.


ServSafe’s Primary Goals

  • Improve CTR
  • Increase Orders
  • Lower CPCs

The Results

Period Analyzed: 6/1/15 – 8/31/15 vs. 6/1/16 – 8/31/16


Click Through Rate


Lower CPCs



CPC Strategy addressed each goal by leveraging in-house optimizations and strategy

Goal 1: Improve CTR

CPC Strategy identified that some of ServSafe’s campaigns were not themed correctly. Unfortunately, this was having a negative impact on their ad copy & ad ranking. We reorganized their campaigns and implemented rules to reduce inefficiencies like wasted ad spend.

Increasing the efficiency of their campaigns and reducing wasted ad spend also allowed us to reallocate that same budget into higher converting, more profitable traffic. With new campaigns in place, we were able to successfully match their ad messaging with customer intent and improved click-through rate (CTR) by 54.88%.


Goal 2: Increase Orders & Lower CPCs

ServSafe also wanted to hit a different CPA target in each state and increase their order volume.

By resolving tracking pixel errors (that were lagging prior to our management), we were able to build out the appropriate reports to track performance data, which we can now use as reference year over year. Accurate tracking is important when advertisers are looking to compare data MoM, YoY, etc. If you don’t have accurate data to compare to, it makes it difficult to implement any budgets or goals in the current period.


“We have seen great results working with CPC. Their team is able to pinpoint new PPC opportunities for our brand and give clear recommendations regarding our campaign strategy. This has been a great experience!”

Mike Krashen

Marketing Specialist, ServSafe

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