Terminix Boosts Lead Generation by 65% with Targeted Paid Search

Elite SEM Case Study: Terminix

Terminix: Satisfied Client

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Case Study

Terminix, a ServiceMaster company, is one of the largest pest control companies in the world, operating in 47 states and in 22 countries worldwide.


A main marketing goal for Terminix is to acquire new leads via their website; inquiries from potential customers. To accomplish this, Terminix needed to improve conversion rates from their Paid Search campaigns and drive more high-quality site traffic.

Online Leads +65% /// Conversion Rates +55% /// Click-through Rate +10%


After a full account review, Elite’s Paid Search team focused on custom and thorough creation of key terms to boost campaign efficiency. By segmenting these key terms under highly targeted ad groups and by adding negative terms, the team was able to tighten Terminix’s campaigns and strategically distribute spend.

Elite then continually created, tested, and adjusted ad copy tailored to each ad group in order to target and engage the optimal audience.


Elite’s systematic Paid Search marketing tactics facilitated more than 10% increase in click-through rate (CTR) year over year. Conversion rates also increased more than 55%. Most importantly, Elite SEM fueled a strong increase in Terminix lead volume by more than 65% from the time they took over and managed the Paid Search campaigns.

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March 24, 2016

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