ThermaCare® Drives Brand Affinity With New Amazon Store

ThermaCare® is a leading external pain relief brand owned by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. ThermaCare® heatwraps are a type of Continuous Low-level Heatwrap Therapy (CLHT) which activate upon contact with the air, providing up to eight hours of heat directly where the heatwrap is applied. Thermacare® heatwraps are available for different applications, including lower back pain, neck or wrist pain, and menstrual cramps.

In October 2017, CPC Strategy’s Amazon Creative Team worked directly with ThermaCare® to design, develop and deploy a customized and responsive Amazon Store with multi-level category & product pages optimized to promote an immersive shopping experience.

Design Product Grid & Layout

Our Amazon Store experts designed and built an “easy to navigate” curated collection of the ThermaCare® catalog. We identified the optimal catalog and ASIN infrastructure to improve product visibility & sales volume. We also implemented “ADD TO CART” buttons on select products to allow shoppers to buy directly from the Amazon Store home page.

Educate Consumers on Products

Our team worked directly with ThermaCare to select the best hero images, graphics, and charts to educate visitors on the unique benefits of their heatwrap technology.

Maintain Brand Consistency

ThermaCare® wanted their Amazon Store to serve as an extension of their website. Our team worked in close coordination with the ThermaCare® team to understand their brand style guidelines and implement that same creative look and feel across all of their Amazon Store product pages, as well as their A+ Content.

Own Submit & Approval Process

We also managed all aspects of the Amazon Store submission process. There’s a lot of policies and requirements for Amazon Creative. Because CPC Strategy’s team understands those restrictions and policies, we saved the ThermaCare® team time on revisions & resubmissions.

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