Verilux Increases Amazon Sales by 186%

Founded more than 35 years ago, Verilux light boxes mimic daylight by providing full spectrum light without the harmful UV rays. For those who can’t get outdoors or there’s not enough natural light available, HappyLight® is a perfect product choice for improving health and overall well being.


Verilux teamed up with CPC Strategy in July 2016 to improve their Amazon advertising strategy, with a special focus on Sponsored Products & Amazon Marketing Services



Due to their specific product type, Verilux light boxes tend to sell very well in the winter but the company’s biggest challenge was finding news ways to keep their sales thriving during slower summer months. Since joining CPC Strategy, we’ve been able to significantly increase Verilux’s sales and order volume – setting new thresholds for the entire year.


Verilux’s Primary Goals

  • Increase Sales & Orders
  • Optimized ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content



The Results

Time Period: July 2016 vs July 2017 YOY results


Increase in Sales


Increase in Orders


Goal 1: Increase Sales & Orders

When Verilux joined CPC Strategy, although they were already advertising on Amazon Sponsored Products, our experts identified that their catalog was suffering from a lack of Buy Box ownership. Because Sponsored Product Ads will only surface when sellers are the current Buy Box winner, it was absolutely critical for Verilux to secure that position.

Together, CPC Strategy and Verilux were able to troubleshoot a number of issues and move Verilux from an average Buy Box ownership of 37% to 95% (YOY).

As a result, Verilux has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing conversions not only during their busy months but in their “off season” as well.



Goal 2: Optimize ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content

Our creative team also implemented Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on select ASINs to act as an extension of Verilux’s brand on the Marketplace.

We worked with Verilux to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

EBC also gave Verilux the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant product details about their light technology.

As a result, we saw an uptick in traffic and sales – a trend we anticipate will continue as we head into Q4. We have seen an increase in conversion rate already this year over last year.


“Our engagement with CPC has enabled us to elevate our brand and thrive within Amazon’s ecosystem as a market leader in our category. The weekly consultation with our CPC Analyst and the tremendous insights garnered from CPC’s proprietary performance dashboards provide an essential pulse on our business.”

Charlotte Addison

VP Marketing, Verilux

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