Vincero Watches Increase AMS Sales by +141.67%

Founded in 2014, Vincero creates bold, luxury timepieces for today’s modern men and women at an accessible price. Vincero has generated more than 7,500 Five Star customer reviews and is now recognized as one of the most innovative and reputable names in the watch industry.


Vincero teamed up with CPC Strategy in October 2017 to scale their Amazon advertising efforts.


Vincero turned to CPC Strategy to improve their ecommerce presence & expand their customer reach. In order to do so, they knew they would need to establish Amazon advertising campaigns to increase product discoverability and drive conversions. Previously, the majority of their revenue was coming from name brand searches. Thanks to our non branded keyword focus, Amazon is now a powerful channel to expand Vincero’s reach and grow their user base.

Vincero’s Primary Goals

  • Grow non-branded keyword traffic
  • Scale profitable Amazon advertising campaigns via AMS



The Results

Period Analyzed (July, August, September 2017) vs. (October, November & December 2017)*
*(3 months before Vincero launched with CPC Strategy vs. 3 months after)


Increased Sales


Increased Orders

Goal 1: Grow non-branded keyword traffic

The goal of Amazon keyword harvesting is to discover and bid on keywords or search terms used by customers to find your products.

By analyzing Vincero’s keyword data on a granular level we were able to discover non branded keyword terms that they never even thought about bidding on before. Instead of the “set it and forget” approach, now we were able to push Vincero’s products forward with a detailed keyword strategy in mind.

As a result, Vincero has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing conversions based on non-branded keyword traffic.

Goal 2: Scale Amazon advertising campaigns via AMS

We also worked directly with Vincero’s team to scale advertising efforts for Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) including:

  • Defensive campaigns (via Product Display Ads) to keep competitors off their product detail pages.
  • Offensive campaigns (via Product Display Ads) to drive growth by targeting competitors and complementary products.
  • Headline Search Ads to drive traffic to their retail brand page and be able to target ads by keywords through high visibility placement in search results.

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms for Vincero, the luxury brand has been freed up to invest in other marketing endeavors, such as new product launch for women & expansion into Amazon’s international markets.

Today, Vincero & CPC Strategy communicate and review ad performance reports on a weekly basis to ensure campaigns are continuing to grow and remain profitable.

“Finding and converting new customers in an ultra-competitive landscape such as Amazon can be a very difficult task for any brand. Working with CPC Strategy’s experienced team to manage the platform has been an integral part of our Amazon and overall ecommerce strategy that has allowed us to grow our sales and visibility very quickly. Their knowledge of what works on Amazon goes far beyond the ad campaigns they build and they’ve become trusted advisors for our entire Amazon strategy.”

Aaron Hallerman

Co-Founder, Vincero Watches

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