Winning Combination: Remarketing + Video Result in 81% Lift in Branded Search Impressions

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A top hotel chain had just launched a rebranded website and wanted to drive new, quality traffic. They planned a national print media buy and TV campaign in target markets, and needed help with Paid Search, Display, and Social efforts to expand their reach. That’s where Elite SEM came in.

+81% Search Impressions for Branded /// +33% Click-Through Rate for Youtube w/ GDN /// +13% Click-Through Rate for Google RLSA


To achieve the client’s goals, paid media campaigns were set up in two “steps.” The first step involved branding. Video campaigns were launched across Facebook and Instagram, which targeted users by geography and interests such as “travel.” YouTube In-Stream with Video Discovery was also leveraged to target top geographic regions. These branded videos were used to create awareness for those who had not been to the hotel’s website and who were not likely to be reached by traditional TV and print campaigns.

The second step was to retarget users who had viewed the branding creative via Google Display Network (GDN) and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). The audience, for tracking purposes, was split into two groups: those who had seen the ads on YouTube but did not go to the client’s website, and those who had clicked through to the website but did not convert. Both groups were shown stronger messaging and calls-to-action (CTAs) such as “Book Now” or “Receive Complimentary Show Tickets.”

Altogether, this holistic approach helped track and move users through the conversion funnel.


This hotel client experienced an 81% lift in branded search impressions following the launch. The GDN and YouTube Viewer remarketing campaigns had a 33% stronger Click-Through-Rate (CTR) than YouTube alone. Remarketing efforts drove four times more users to the site than YouTube on its own. Paid Social campaigns drove more than 12 million impressions and 5 million video views, reaching those who would normally not be exposed to traditional campaigns.

Google RLSA campaigns witnessed a lift of 13% in CTR at a stable Cost per Click (CPC), driving further traffic to their newly rebranded website.

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October 30, 2017

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