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The 2016 Guide to Fulfillment by Amazon

How Professional Amazon Sellers Can Strategically Implement FBA

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The Story: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is arguably the most powerful “lever” a third-party seller can pull to influence sales performance. In 2016, a more costly Q4 fee structure and new programs like Seller Fulfilled Prime make fulfillment strategy a critical component for Amazon sellers entering the holiday season.

The Guide: This guide breaks down how and why FBA should be used, Amazon’s new FBA fee structure, and the merits of the new Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Who It’s For: Any Amazon seller considering or already using FBA


Topics Covered:

  • FBA 101 – Why the program is a big deal and how it works
  • How FBA can be implemented to influence product discoverability and buyability
  • Breakdown of 2016 FBA fee updates
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime 101


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